Yamaha RX-A760BL Network AV Receiver Updated 2021 Review

Yamaha RX-A760BL Network AV Receiver Updated 2021 Review.

Yamaha RX-A760 is known for high-grade audio quality, precise design, latest HDMI technologies, support for 4K and HDR technology and other top-notch components.

Firstly After spending so much on your speakers, Ultra HD television and Blu-ray players, you don’t want to connect them to just any receiver for instance You need to look for something unique features

Why Yamaha RX-A760BL Network AV Receiver is differentWhy Yamaha RX-A760BL Network AV Receiver is different

The specialty of the Aventage series of receivers is that it is built using custom-designed parts with anti-resonance technology which reduces the distortion typically caused by vibrations.

Chassis vibrations are reduced with its sturdy H-shaped frame.

Audio Features

  • Pure Direct mode for pure Hi-Fi sound
  • Burr-Brown DirectPath DACs
  • Enhanced quality volume integrated circuit
  • Independent pure power supply
  • Assignable amplifiers for front speaker bi-amp connection

Eco-Friendly Design

  • ECO Mode operation for roughly 20% less power consumption compared to when ECO Mode is off
  • Low standby power consumption of 0.1W
  • Auto Power Standby function with variable time setting
  • Enhanced network and HDMI standby power consumption

Advanced Features

  • Music-cast for audio enjoyment in every room
  • Bluetooth for wireless music streaming
  • Front-panel connection for USB flash drives
  • Advanced GUI on-screen display with HD graphics

Step-by-step setup

Step-by-step setup

Firstly ,Setting up the Yamaha RX-A760 amplifier is a cinch as you have Yamaha’s free AV Setup Guide app guiding you through the entire connection process.

The YPAO calibration system uses the help of an included setup microphone to analyze your room’s acoustics and provide optimized music and sounds.

Secondly customization AV Controller app later turns your compatible mobile device into a convenient Wi-Fi remote for controlling your amplifier.

The additional damping fifth foot located at the amplifier’s base helps reduce both internal and external vibrations.

Enjoy your music and video in all rooms

With RX-A760’s nine speaker outputs, you have flexible configuration options to choose from to enjoy your music throughout your home.

You can connect the receiver to only seven speakers while the remaining two outlets connect to speakers in a second room.

For instance you can listen to your favorite music while working in Zone 2 or the second room while your kids watch TV show in the living room.

Rich bassRich bass

The Yamaha RX-A760 offers low-range enhancement technology which delivers much richer bass even from small sized speakers.

With small front speakers maintaining good sound balance, you are at liberty of enjoying video and music with exceptional power and presence.


  • Produces clean and natural sound through various digital enhancements.
  • Excellent connectivity with most devices through Airplay, Bluetooth and Yamaha’s MusicCast
  • Good quality construction that ensures the receiver’s durability and reliability
  • Easy to set up


  • Some people need time mastering the various configurations, options, and enhancements.


  • No of Channels : 7
  • Stereo RMS Power (Watts) : 90 watts
  • Internet-ready : Yes
  • Bluetooth Compatible : Built-in
  • Apple AirPlay : Built-in
  • On-Screen Display : Thru HDMI



  • Phono Input : 1
  • Audio-Video Inputs : 12
  • Audio-only Inputs : 3
  • Component Video Inputs : 2
  • Component Video Monitor Outputs : 1
  • HDMI Inputs : 6

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