WaterField Designs Developer Gear Case 2020 Latest Updated Review

WaterField Designs Developers’ Gear Case 2020 Latest Updated Review

The WaterField Designs Gear Pouches are straightforward, classy looking pouches In addition to looking nice, the waxed canvas feels solid and durable. Plus, it ages well—worn but in a good way (like aged cheese or wine).

Waterfield Designs Gear Pouches Material

But if you prefer a modern aesthetic, great news!

There’s a 1050D Ballistic Nylon version of the pouch. Either way, a leather WaterField logo tag sits front and center.

We like the element of sophistication it adds, but it does, of course, mean the pouches aren’t suitable for our vegan friends.

Waterfield Designs Gear Pouches Logo

At the time of this review, the pouches are available in five colorways: Navy, Crimson, Gray, Brown, and Black Ballistic.

We’re feeling all of them, but we especially like the Navy we’ve been testing.

Finishing off the materials, there are YKK, self-locking zippers.

Since they’re from YKK, you should have no problems regarding durability, and the self-locking feature is far more useful than we initially anticipated (we’ll talk about that more further on in this review).

Inside the Pouch

The WaterField Designs Gear Pouches have two zippered pockets, which sets them apart from the crowd (a number of accessory pouches only have one main compartment you’ll throw everything into).

We love the gorgeous, golden orange interior lining that you’ll find in both pockets.

It’s not only nice to look at, but it helps you see what’s going on inside.

Waterfield Designs Gear Pouches Material Inside

The front pocket has no further organization inside of it.

Depending on the size of the pouch you buy, you’ll have more or less room to throw those smaller accessories you’ll want to quickly access.

Waterfield Designs Gear Pouches Front Pocket

The large size has enough space for extra headphones, pens, and dongles.

The medium size will hold a Field Notes notebook and James Brand The Stilwell Collapsible Pen.

The smaller size, obviously, has the least amount of space. It’s especially tricky to fit a lot of stuff in the front pocket of the small pouch if you’ve filled up the main pocket. We’ve put an WaterField Designs Developers iPhone charger here, some dongles, and that’s it.

Waterfield Designs Gear Pouches Opening

The main pocket opens up in a half clamshell-style—meaning it zips all the way down one side. We really like this style as it allows you to easily see, access, and organize all of your stuff.

And the self-locking zipper means you don’t have to open it all the way when you don’t want to.

We’ve been opening just the top, locking the zipper at the corner, and using the pouch as a top-loader for super quick access. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Waterfield Designs Gear Pouches Large Size

The large pouch has specifically been designed to hold an Apple Keyboard.

Along with it—outside of the divider pockets—we’ve kept a Baron Fig Vanguard Softcover Notebook.

In the pockets, we’ve stashed a MacBook charger, Apple Magic Mouse, USB-C hub, a phone charger, and a few more random bits and bobs.

We’ve really been digging the large, which allows us to keep everything we need for a productive workday in one place.

You can get to wherever you’re working for the day, pull out your laptop, pull out the Gear Pouch, and you’re good to go

Waterfield Designs Gear Pouches Medium Size

The medium pouch has been designed to fit an iPad mini and other small tablets.

We’ve tested it with an Apple Magic Mouse, USB-C hub, 3-way outlet splitter (a great way to make friends at a coffee shop, #PackHackerProTip), headphones, the Anker PowerCore II 10,000, USB cables, ROAV sunglasses, and a microWaterField Designs Developers Pouch to hold all of those tiny tech accessories.

We’ve been having the most success putting the bulkiest items in the center of the pouch, outside of the divider pockets.

Waterfield Designs Gear Pouches Small Size

The small is for those basic tech essentials. But it can still fit a good amount of stuff inside, including a MacBook charger, Apple Magic Mouse, miscellaneous cords and dongles, AirPods, and an Anker USB-C hub.

Obviously, the size you’ll want will depend on how much space you need. After all, your everyday tech setup is as unique as you are (everybody now, awww).

Waterfield Designs Gear Pouches Lumpy

No matter the size, the WaterField Designs Developers pouches can start to look a little lumpy when fully loaded.

The fabric conforms to your stuff, so you can see the outlines of your bulkier items (looking at you, MacBook charger).

This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s worth noting. We’ve had the best luck spreading out bulkier items or keeping them in the center of the pouch.

Even lumpy, the pouches are streamlined enough to easily fit inside your daily bag.

Durability & Testing

Durability & Testing


As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, three members of the Pack Hacker team have been testing the small, medium, and large sizes of the WaterField Designs Gear Pouches for a collective three months.

All in all, we’ve enjoyed testing them.

The waxed canvas feels great and the internal organization is top-notch. Plus, the three sizes mean you can find one that works for your setup.

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