Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch Latest 2020 Update Review

Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch Latest 2020 Update Review. 

Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch: We’re going to provide you with a complete analysis of the Twelve South TimePorter to give you the opportunity to discover where its true qualities lie. In doing so it allows you to understand whether or not it will solve your problems as an Apple Watch owner, in the areas of ease of use, durability, appearance, price, and performance.

Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch

What’s it all About? 

When it comes to size and design, the TimePorter looks a lot like a standard eyeglasses or sunglasses case, with the same general shape and dimensions.

Covered in soft leather in either black or white, the TimePorter measures in at about six inches wide and an inch and a half tall and was comparable in size to some of the sunglasses cases I had on hand. 

The size can also potentially be a downside because it is larger than some other stands and travel solutions, but at the size of an eyeglasses case, it’s going to fit comfortably in most bags or backpacks. 

At the top of the TimePorter, there’s a cutout to accommodate the Apple Watch charger (you need to provide your own), and dual hinges at the side open it up, again like an eyeglasses case.

Inside the TimePorter, there’s a flexible silicone ridge for winding up the cable of the Apple Watch charger while the puck sits on the surface.

At the sides, there are holes for the end of the cable that connects to the power adapter for charging purposes.

What’s More 

The idea is that you’d spool a charger around the interior and replace the red plastic cap with the Watch’s magnetic charging disc.

Inside, you can store spare bands, USB chargers, or a small external battery for charging on the go. (This would’ve been a more compelling product if it just had a battery built-in rather than finding and buying a separate battery that fits inside.)

Once the charger is installed, you can position the lid at any angle you want and drape the Watch on top to charge. In testing, I also found that the magnetic force is strong enough to hold the watch in place if you want to place the Watch horizontally, which allows Nightstand mode to work. 

Basically, it’s odd. It takes up a lot of space in a bag if you want to travel with your Watch and charge it, but at the same time, it’s not particularly attractive if you were planning on permanently leaving it on a home nightstand. (TwelveSouth’s HiRise and Forté charging stands are both better-looking products.)

It’s worth a look if you have a bunch of accessories like bands that you can keep inside — but otherwise, I might look elsewhere 

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  • Pros: 
  • Good if you have multiple bands and need a place to keep them 
  • Works with the Apple Watch in nightstand mode 


  • Not particularly attractive 
  • No built-in battery 

Key Features 

Key Features

  • Holds Cable, Adapter, Band, and More 
  • Charge Watch on Top of Case 
  • Integrated Cable Management 
  • Vegan Leather Exterior 

Room for all your Apple Watch Essentials 

TimePorter holds your charging cable, an extra watch band, your USB charger and more in a neatly designed, silicone-lined case 

Economic Qualities in Price 

Carrying and display cases aren’t inherently expensive, however many offer gimmicks and unnecessary or ineffective features that pad the price, thus making it less valuable. 

The TimePorter has been designed by Twelve South with the user in mind, understanding that they’re willing to spend the money on an Apple Watch, however, are intelligent enough to understand that quality and problem solving are kings. 



Overall, the Twelve South TimePorter is a very effective solution to messy and uncomfortable to use Apple Watch accessories which are necessary for daily use, and its value is readily apparent. 

As a display case, it works exceptionally well with a beautiful leather exterior and the option of displaying your Apple Watch at different angles, including both horizontally and vertically to take advantage of your watch’s viewing options. 

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