Totu Bluetooth Headphones 2021 Review And Its Benefits

Totu Bluetooth Headphones 2021 Review And Its Benefits.

The Totu BT-2 is a low-cost Bluetooth headset and is born for outdoor sports. The product has recorded a great deal of sales and online feedback. The Totu BT-2 will be described on this page following a well-defined scheme: structural, technical and practical study!

You wouldn’t want to skip a line whiles reading, as everything you need to know about Totu Bluetooth Headphones is here before you venture to buy it

Totu Bluetooth


The BT-2 Sport from TOTUare wireless in-ear Bluetooth 4.1 headphones with built-in hands-free capability.

But a great feature about these headphones is that they are waterproof so heavy sweating from a hard workout, biking, or vigorous running is certainly no problem with these headphones.

The BT-2 headphones are lightweight at only 18 grams, or 0.6 ounces, and have flexible hooks that keep them securely on your ears.

On the top of the right-side earpiece are the controls, and this is a major feature I like about these types of headphones.

Unlike similar headphones out there that have their controls on one side of the cord, they put weight on that side. And to me, it makes the headphones feel unbalanced and awkward.

TOTU BT-2 – The Physical Structure

The Totu BT-2 weighs about 20 grams, an average value for the Bluetooth headset class, but superior to the more classic corded earphones (about 10 grams).

see more about the structure in the video below!


The difference is minimal, and the greater weight is due to the presence of the battery inside the Bluetooth model. However, if the weight does not affect the convenience of wearing them, a more complex speech is about dimensions.

The Totu BT-2 model, like most Bluetooth headsets, has a larger volume than the models with cable.

Larger dimensions than a cable model can be a disadvantage in situations as precise as the wintertime when cyclists and runners challenge low temperatures with caps or earmuffs, and the pressure exerted on the ears by these garments can create some discomfort.

The Technical and Functional Aspects

The Totu BT-2 Bluetooth Headset has a total of about 5 hours of autonomy, perfect for any sporting activity, even during marathon training or long bike riding.

Charging takes about 2 hours, and to recharge the battery.

The input of which is enclosed by a rubber cover to protect the internal components from dust and sweat.

The Bluetooth version of the Totu BT-2 is 4.1, so it’s compatible with all commercially-available devices, but especially fast in the pairing.

Speed is guaranteed by EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) technology, which boosts connection speed, while also reducing power consumption

The Practical Test

Those who used the Totu BT-2 headphones always left positive feedback, especially for the speed and simplicity they can associate with other devices but also the stability they offer during training.

Totu Bluetooth

Audio quality is considered satisfactory for both music and telephone conversations, which is always described clearly and uninterruptedly.

However, during the most intense sports activities, some users report a temporary loss of signal.

ProsTotu Bluetooth

  • Enjoyable bass-heavy sound
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Great cable
  • Built-in NFC
  • Long battery life


  • Bulky design
  • Problems with quality control

Sound Quality

The TOTU BT-2 earbuds also support noise reduction and echo cancellation during phone conversations Indeed, we have absolutely no complaints and could always understand and be understood without any issues.

Bass lovers will love the very deep end and great reproduction of sub-bass frequencies.

This makes the earbuds work very well for watching movies, apart from just music listening. The rest of the sound spectrum doesn’t lack behind too much, but it’s nothing that would really impress you, either.

What’s in the Box?

TOTU apparently want their customers to take good care of their Bluetooth earbuds because they included a very nicely made hard-shell case for storage.

Totu Bluetooth

Also included are extra ear tips and a high-quality USB charging cable. That’s really everything you could ask for from a pair of affordable earbuds.

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