Top USB DACS 2021 Review: Everything You Should Know

Top USB DACS 2021 Review: Everything You Should Know.

The best portable USD DACs can make a world of difference to your listening experience, making the music you play from your smartphone and through your headphones sound clearer, crisper, and bassier, and more like what the artist intended you to hear.

That’s not all, there are still other things you must know about USB DACS which I will tell you.

Top Best USD DACS 2021 Review

In 2021, whether you are aware of it or not, you’ve almost definitely used a USD DAC or digital-to-analog converter

What Are Digital-To-Analogue Converters

A DAC converts digital audio information into analog sound waves that you can hear. DACs are in everything, from cell phones to computers, and more.

Oftentimes, for casual listening at audiophile quality audio levels, whether you’re using a computer or a mobile device, you will find that the proper DAC and amplifier are extremely helpful in these situations.

This article details reviews of the best DACs available in 2021.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best USB DACS

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right DAC for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.


The DACs in this guide span a wide range of sizes, from pocket-friendly to desk-ready.

Think about the device you’re most likely to listen to music on before making your choice.


All of the DACs we recommend can play high resolution (at least 96kHz/24-bit) music files with no compression or loss of quality.

If you subscribe to an audiophile streaming service like TIDAL, you’ll notice a big bump in audio fidelity.

Some also support a technology called upsampling, which increases the resolution of a compressed audio file to try and make it sound better.


Our DAC picks all have USB ports on them, so they can be connected to your computer. Some have additional inputs like RCA  so you can connect a CD player, smartphone, tablet, or TV through them.

Almost all of the DACs we’ve chosen have an integrated headphone amp, so you can plug your cans directly into them.

1. iFi Xdsd USB DAC

It’s a close race between the xDSD and the Chord Mojo, but one thing’s for sure: iFi’s distinctive take on the DAC brings plenty of new ideas to the table.


The iFi xDSD is certainly eye-catching, with a ribbed metal casing and glossy finish giving a smartly premium look.

Out of the box, you’ll also get a velvet carry pouch and even some strips of velcro to strap the DAC to the back of your smartphone if you’re into that.

It’s able to play both DSD and PCM audio in their native formats, rather than converting one to the other and risking further loss – before it reaches your ears.



  • More complicated than the Chord Mojo
  • Controls take some getting used to

2.Cayin iDAC-6 Mk2 DAC

The Cayin iDAC-6 Mk2 is an incredible DAC for just under $1000. The timbre options make it very flexible, which adds to the excitement of listening to music with it.


Audiophiles and music producers alike will appreciate its flexibility and sound quality. I highly recommend this DAC if you have the money to spend on it.

Cayin has a very nice DAC and headphone amp combo unit that is part of their i-series, which is their audio solution for audiophiles and music lovers in general.

For audiophiles, tube circuits aren’t always ideal, so if you want a more brittle and even more accurate sound, the solid-state circuit will give you that.


  • Very large screen with easy-to-use controls.
  • Plenty of inputs.
  • Two different timbres to choose from.


  • A bit bulky.
  • Not meant to be portable.

3. FiiO D3 USB DAC

The FiiO D3 is the easiest to use, most compact DAC to use with your devices that have Optical or Coaxial outputs.

Those that want high-quality audio from devices that may not have output high-fidelity sound can hook it up to TVs and other devices and get high-quality audio in seconds.

Audiophiles, gamers, streamers, and those with home theaters will get a ton of use out of the D3 and its functionality.


  • Small and portable enough to take anywhere.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Has an indicator for receiving the digital signal.


  • Does not support Dolby or other surround sound signals.
  • The extremely small size makes it easy to lose if it’s not plugged into a device.


3. Audioengine D1 DAC

The D1 DAC and headphone amp from Audioengine are definitely one of the better cheap options for a DAC while still remaining in the lower-mid-price range.

I recommend it for beginner audiophiles who are starting to get into USB DACs and headphone amps

Audioengine has some lovely products for listening to high-quality audio, and their DAC and headphone amp options are pretty affordable.

The D1 is one of the best budget DACs while still remaining high-quality compared to some of the portable DAC options.

As for the controls of this USB DAC, there is no screen and no menu to use, making the operation very simple. On the DAC are volume control, a headphone output, and a light that indicates that the DAC is powered on.

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