TN vs IPS vs VA: Choosing a Best Monitor Display for Gaming 2020 Review

TN Panels vs IPS vs VA: Choosing a Best Monitor Display for Gaming 2020 Review.

TN Panels are among the most popular types of monitors for gamers. Their fastest response times compared to IPS and VA panels are what makes them ideal for gamers


In this guide, we’ll go over the differences between the most common monitor panels.

We’ve compared IPS panels, TN panels, and VA panels to help give you more insight on your upcoming purchase.

Most gamers are aware of the fact that monitors come in different resolutions and screen sizes, or that monitors can have either a glossy or matte screen surface, and can offer other features such as 3D capabilities and 144HZ refresh rates.

However, the average consumer is clueless on the LCD panel technology used in their LCD monitor.

A monitor’s panel type is a crucial feature that dictates how it performs as well as the kind of tasks it is best suited to accomplish.

Therefore, it is important to understand panel technology so that you can be sure to choose the appropriate monitor for your gaming needs.

While choosing the appropriate monitor panel type may seem confusing, the different panel technologies are not too difficult to understand.

What is a TN (Twisted Nematic) Display?

TN (twisted nematic) display is one of the most common types of LCD monitors currently on the market. 

Almost every LCD monitor you’ll come across on the market today has a TN panel in it.

They’re the most affordable panels there are and, as such, are the most readily available.

If you are looking at a monitor and it doesn’t clearly state what kind of panel it is, it’s probably safe to assume it’s a TN panel.

What I mean by this is that, in most cases, for IPS panels and VA panels, the monitor manufacturer will include the panel type in the name of the monitor in an effort to make them stand out.

However, since TN panels are so common, manufacturers typically don’t state the fact that they are TN panels, as it is not a major selling point.

What is an IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel?

IPS Panel ExampleIPS stands for In-Plane Switching and it is a type of LCD monitor panel.

The most notable selling point of In-Plane Switching panels is their consistency, improved viewing angles, and superior color accuracy when compared to other LCD technologies.

Every color shade retains its unique identity and distinctiveness regardless of its position on the monitor.

These factors make IPS panels suitable monitors for graphic design work, as well as for gamers looking for the best visuals possible (but who don’t mind a drop in response rate.)

IPS vs VA: Overall Picture Quality versus Balanced Offering

Both VA and IPS panels are commonly used in LED-backlit TVs today.

Though they are both Liquid Crystal Display types, there are vast differences between their performances.

The differences touch on contrast, viewing angle, response time, and black uniformity.

Viewing Angle

IPS Panels are a clear winner when it comes to viewing angle. IPS Panels, as already explained, have a wide viewing angle without any noticeable drop in image quality on the monitor.

VA panels, on the other hand, will have a considerable degradation of about 20 degrees to the side, which is seen as a dramatic loss of saturation.


VA panels recoup their losses when it comes to contrast. Contrast, as you might be aware, is one of the most important factors when it comes to picture quality. VA surpasses IPS panels when it comes to contrast.

When in a dark environment, black images or shades will appear gray on an IPS panel, considerably undermining the experience.

VA contrast ratios are usually in the range of 3000:1 to 6000:1 while IPS contrast ratios are around 1000:1.

Clearly, the winner here is VA panels.

Response Time

Response Time

Neither VA panels or IPS panels are ideal if one of the main features you are looking for in a monitor is response rate. However, of the two, VA panels offer a slightly faster response time than IPS panels.

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