SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 2020 Detailed Review

SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 2020 Detailed Review. 

SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: No matter what genre of music you love the most, having a quality pair of wireless headphones is essential if you want the best possible experience. 



Over the last few years, we’ve seen the prices of Bluetooth headphones come down dramatically.

There are now several manufacturers that offer budget-friendly options for those who want excellent sound quality, durability, and comfort but don’t necessarily want to pay the exorbitant prices of a name brand like Panasonic, Beats by Dre, or Sony. 

If you’ve taken it upon yourself to select a new pair of Bluetooth headphones, you may have come across the new SoundPEATS Q12. 


Right, when you un-box the headphones you’ll notice that there are a few things included – a USB charging cable, six interchangeable ear tips and hooks (3 pairs), two-line buckles, a line clamp, carrying case, and user manual.

First and foremost, the most important thing you’ll need to do is achieve a proper fit. Take note that each earpiece is specific to either the left or right side, as indicated by the small “L” or “R” on each. 



Pairing them is a piece of cake. They’re compatible with either Android or iOS powered smartphones/tablets so you can use them with virtually any modern device that has Bluetooth activated.

First, turn on the headphones by holding the middle button on the inline control for about 3 seconds. Once you do that, you should see the headphones appear under the available Bluetooth connections that your smartphone or tablet can connect to.

Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go and ready to use them as you please. Each time you turn them on after you initially pair them, the Q12’s will automatically remember the connection profile and pair without any manual adjustment. 

Comfort and Fit 

When placed in the ears with the proper fitting ear tips and hooks, there’s plenty of comforts that’ll provide hours of use without irritation.

The material that the buds are made out of is a soft, silicone-like material that’s incredibly soft and supple to the touch. Through a few workout sessions, we found that it stood up well to moisture and natural sweat build up over time.

Although depending on how much you sweat and the specific activities you’re involved in, we feel confident in saying that they withstand moisture quite well. 

Sound and Bass 

As one of the most crucial elements to any pair of high-quality headphones, the sound and bass is essentially the most important feature for many music lovers. After all, if your headphones fit nice and look nice but don’t actually perform well, there’s no point in using them. 

It was found that the SoundPEATS Q12’s provided excellent sound clarity with excellent high, mid and low tones. With the inclusion of APT-X technology, the headphones achieve a lossless sound quality as long as your music source is of good quality (high bit-rate).

Although the sound is quite difficult to describe in words, we think that everyone would agree that they’re definitely suitable, especially given the budget-friendly price point that they retail for. 

Wireless Range 

Since they operate with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 version, you can expect the best wireless range that current technology can offer.

Advertised as a 10 meter or 30-foot wireless range, we found that only to be true under ideal conditions (ie. line of sight).

Whenever there are any objects, walls, or physical obstructions in the way, the communication between the music source and the headphones is diminished. 

In all reality, we found that the wireless range varied between 20 to 30 feet, but it didn’t cause any issues with using them since most people don’t need to be that far away from their smartphone or tablet.

Either way, there seems to be plenty of available range for almost any realistic situation that we could think of. 

Battery Life 

Since they’re completely wireless, the Q12’s require battery operation, but it’s much less of a hassle than you might expect. With an integrated lithium-ion battery, you’ll never need to swap the battery out for a new one – simple recharge with the included USB cable. 

Depending on a few factors, you can expect around 5 to 6 hours of playtime on a full charge. Some of these factors include the volume level, the distance between the headphones/music source, and environmental conditions like cold temperatures. 

Making Calls 

When you have the Q12 headphones synced to your smartphone and you’re receiving an incoming call, you don’t need to stop everything you’re doing and take them out of your ears.

The call will automatically come through the headphones and you can accept or reject it with the inline controller by pressing the middle button for just a second. 

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Overall Thoughts 

Overall Thoughts 

Although priced considerably less than what you’d expect them to cost, the new SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth Headphones seem to provide a fabulous listening experience with exceptional comfort, paired with surprisingly high-quality sound and bass.

Easy to use, built to last, and designed for music-lovers alike, they’re a great choice for anyone looking for high-end features at an affordable price point. 

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