Sony WH-CH500 Stamina Wireless Headphones 2020 Review

Sony WH-CH500 Stamina Wireless Headphones 2020 Review.

The Sony WH-CH510 is a great buy for people on the lookout for a versatile wireless headphone with excellent battery life. There are no issues on the performance front, and it actually sounds really amazing


The fit is really snug. In fact, for big heads it might feel too tight.  The upshot is that the sound isolation is great, especially for small on-ear headphones like this.

The Sony WH-CH500 is so light that it almost seems fake. The build quality is not awful, but with any wireless headphone under a hundred dollars, you shouldn’t expect too much in terms of durability and design.

But compared to some other brands I’ve tried at this price, like Audio-Technica, the buttons are made with care. They’re sealed under rubber, so it would be hard to break them.

These guys don’t fold, but the ear cups swivel, making them flat and easily portable.

The controls are very straightforward and allow you to play, skip, control volume and answer calls

The wireless range is a standard 30 feet, and it has a 20 hour battery life, which is great for the price.


The WH-CH500 make all other headphones in this price range seem quite average.

First, I’m impressed by the volume on the WH-CH500. Wireless headphones are not known for their power, but these cheap little cuties do a pretty good job.

They’re not the most transparent headphones, but in general, the sound is bella.

The bass on the WH-CH500  is fantastic. Hip hop, pop and EDM is the way to go. The lows are full and deep. They’re not the dryest sound, but it stays true to Sony’s fun sound signature.


At this price range, I’m usually disappointed by the mids. Not today. Listen to some anthemic rock, like the Bleachers and you’ll be pleased.

Again, the WH-CH500 might not convey perfect clarity; guitars are missing subtleties in tone and you lose some of the texture in vocals, but you’re probably not buying them for critical listening.


The highs on these headphones aren’t very pronounced.

So, if you’re mainly listening to classical music, you might be disappointed with the strings. That being said, there’s no ear-aching sizzle in the high range. It’s smooth and easy to listen to.

Sony WH-CH510: Audio Quality, Performance

The Sony WH-CH510 is an entry-level wireless headphone targeted at folks who need both wireless capability and good audio quality on a relatively small budget.

As the case always is with my playlist, the CH510 was fed a lot of mellow tracks (mostly Malayalam and Hindi numbers) with emphasis on the mids.

The CH510 found itself in its comfort zone with most of these tracks.

Even though the mids seem to be its forte, it was adept at handling the occasional high notes with clarity and without sounding too shrill.

Even though it gets 30mm drivers – which is also what I saw on the XB700 – the CH510 isn’t going to deliver earth-shattering lows that some of Sony’s more expensive models are famous for.


  • Great wireless range.
  • Lightweight and stable.
  • Decent battery life.


  • Poor noise cancellation.
  • Build quality feels a little cheap.
  • Very high latency.

Sony WH-CH510: Battery Life

The CH-510 claims 35 hours of battery life, and after my experience with the XB700, I was confident of the headphones actually delivering on it.

Right out of the box, the CH-510 had over 90% battery, and it took me almost a week to completely drain the battery out during the testing phase. During playback, you can hit the power button once to check on the battery status quickly.

You can also check the battery status of the headphones using your connected phone. Once I finally managed to exhaust the battery, it took me a short 10-minute charge to ensure continuous playback for 90 more minutes.

I was able to charge the CH-510 fully in an hour and a half and could forget about charging it for the rest of the week. Sony provides a USB Type-C charging cable with the CH-510 inside the box, which could have been slightly longer.

I saw the CH-510 consistently deliver the claimed 30-plus hours of battery life, which makes it a great product for long haul flights.

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