Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF Headphones Review 2021 Update

Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF Headphones Review 2021 Update.

Sony MDR rf985rk: Headphones are a budget pair that gives more premium features than the rest. These are actually radio frequency headphones which are known for much more powerful connection ability than standard Bluetooth. Lets take a closer look about the Sony MDR to get more details.

It has a sleek design with fully sealed isolated construction that cuts off surrounding sound.

Ideal for using at home or taking a break at the office, these Sony Wireless Headphones has padding that keeps the ears comfortable for hours and does not leak any sound even at high volumes ensuring complete privacy

The comfortable headband of the headphones makes their usage highly convenient. The headphones deliver a smooth and intrusion free reception up to 150 feet through RF signals

The Sony MDRRF985RK wireless headphone has reasonable price. It is a lightweight unit that offers a great comfort. This headphone has great performance as compared to its very affordable price. It is also easy to recharge it fast.


The Sony MDR rf985rk headphones are budget headphones that look nothing like them.

The design is impressive form the moment you open up the box. The material is all black and in a smooth matte finish across the entire headband.

The headband is wide and comparable to that of the Mpow H5 headphones. It’s not all flimsy and feels secure when handling these headphones.

What’s great about the headband is that it features two thick sections of padded material. Those hit all the key pressure points on top of the head which aids in maximum comfort evenly across the head.

Now, the headband is adjustable and it connects seamlessly into the ear cups. The adjustments are easy to make for heads of any size.

Sound Quality

Whats unique about the Sony mdrrf985rk wireless headphone is the ability to cancel out any kind of outside noise. It has active noise canceling built in and it works like a charm.

Simply enable the mode and all of music is then isolated. This is great for those who need to focus hard on either conversations had on these headphones or even just want to get away from noisy environments.

Keep in mind that this mode does not filter out basic conversations.

As far as the sound production is concerned, the quality is definitely high definition.

There’s no compressed quality to the music, and the 40mm drivers really open up the sound stage. There’s room for dynamic growth in the mix and all of the instrumentals have crystal clear playback.


  • Wireless FM headphones for cord-free listening
  • 40mm driver units for expressive sound
  • Easy-adjust headband for long term comfort
  • Noise reduction system for minimal transmission noise
  • Automatic tuning for optimum signal reception
  • Rechargeable battery along with the battery life of each charge


The connection feature on the Sony mdrrf985rk wireless rf headphone works flawlessly.  It features 4 channel frequencies and connects via transmitter.

What’s neat about the tuning button is that it can work with televisions, walkie talkies and much more.

Simply press the button and it will automatically complete the search without needing to constantly be pressed. As long as the device is discoverable by the transmitter the feature will work.

The connection is quite strong and can easily transmit through walls as well making these ideal for home stereo systems. Once connected the headphones have their own volume control.

This means that you could mute the TV screen and still maintain sound in the headphones themselves. With the volume controls everything can be adjusted from there.

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Battery Performance

What also aids in the Sony mdrrf985rk wireless rf headphone working so well is the including transmitter. The transmitter plugs into the wall and from there the headphones are placed on top to charge.

They click into place once set on top of the rf transmitter to ensure they won’t fall while their on top. It’s a fairly simple process to charge these and the total charge time is roughly 3.5 hours.

These headphones charge best when set to OFF or else it will take much longer to complete the process. A red light will turn on indicating the charge is in process.

Once the red light turns off then the headphones are fully charged and ready to use. Typically the battery lasts an impressive 25 hours!

Comfortable To Wear For Hours

The design is sleek, fully sealed and you’ll basically be isolated from different sounds coming from the environment.

This isn’t super practical if you’re in a big city where you need to stay alert of things like incoming traffic, but its ideal when resting at home or taking a break at the office.

There’s enough padding on these headphones to keep you comfortable for hours and the volume control is made in such a way that you can enjoy your music as loud as you want without ever bothering people.

The design on these is superb isolation wise.

One thing you’ll likely appreciate the more you get to use them is how there are no static issues and that’s even when you’re using different electronic devices

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