Signaltech Wifi Booster: How it Works, and Why You Should Get it

SignalTech created the SignalTech Wi-Fi Booster, an innovation that extends and boosts your Wi-Fi so that you can go about all your digital activities without fear of poor signals or dead spots. The Wi-Fi extender boosts the signal from your existing router. To set up and use, all you do is plug the device into a wall, search for the “Repeater” signal, click connect, and love your new flawless Wi-Fi coverage!

Signaltech Wifi Booster

So, is it reliable? Is it real? Below, we delve into all the details to help you determine if it is the solution for which you have been waiting!

Signaltech Wifi Booster Overview

The internet is a necessity this day in age, and we all pay a lot of rit. It’s unacceptable that you would be unable to access your network form everywhere in your home.

We want to tell you about a new device called SignalTech Wifi Booster and extender. These little, convenient devices connect to your network and extend the signal to every corner of your home.

If you’re paying as much as you are for your internet bill, you should be able to connect wherever you are in your home so that you can watch movies, check emails, or do whatever your heart desires via your connection.

We love these devices, and we think you will too. To learn more, keep reading our SignalTech Wifi Booster review! We’ve got all the details you need!

Signaltech Wifi Booster Cost and Price Plans

If you are considering purchasing a SignalTech for your home or office, you will be happy to learn that they are currently offering their product at a 50% discount. If you buy the SignalTech device during this special sale, you will pay $39.95 for 1 device, plus $6.99 for shipping.

You can also pay $69.95 for 2 devices – the shipping is free! Alternatively, you can pay $99.95 for 3 units or $129.95 for 4. Shipping is free for both of these options as well.

Competitors and Alternatives

Looking to speed up or otherwise improve your internet connection? There are other Wi-Fi extenders besides SignalTech on the market that you may want to consider prior to making a purchase.

For example, one popular option is the Seek Wi-Fi Extender, a device that boosts internet coverage to up to 2400 square feet and allows use with about fifteen different devices.

The Setek Extender helps you get a fast and stable signal and is designed with ease of use in mind. You can buy a Seek Wi-Fi Extender on Amazon for $39.95.

Over 1,000 Amazon customers have given the product a high rating of 4.1/5 stars. They call the Setek Extender a “great Wi-Fi extender,” and say things like “This little thing is so awesome,” “Definitely worth the money,” and “easy to install and extends the Wi-Fi throughout the house.” One customer even claims that the Setek is “one of the best products [they] have ever purchased.”

A second Wi-Fi extender option comes from the company NextBox, whose mission is to help people solve all their Wi-Fi issues.

Their Wi-Fi Extender costs $29.95 and helps you extend coverage to devices like iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Echo/Alexa devices, Smart TV’s and more.

They offer wide praise for this Wi-Fi Extender, saying things like “This was a great purchase in order to make my internet connection stronger,” “No more buffering while I stream my shows/movies! Easy to install,” “Pleased with purchase! Works great!” and “Simple to set-up and extended Wi-Fi coverage perfectly.”

SignalTech Wifi Extender Specs:

If you want to understand just what this device can do for your wifi signal, you need to know a little but about how your wifi work right now. We want you to really understand what it is that you’re ordering, so we can give you those details right here and now.

The internet comes from your internet provider, companies like Comcast or Cox. They send a signal to your house, but it’s your equipment that spreads that signal around your home.

 You do that with a device called a router. However, your average router can only boost the signal so far. These devices plugin around your home to take the signal and make it go a little bit farther.

Her are all the SignalTech Wifi Booster specifications that you need to know:

  • 300Mbps Transmission Speed
  • 4 GHz WLAN Network Support
  • Easy Wireless Access Points
  • Network Extension
  • Premium WLAN Security
  • 100m Extension Inside Building
  • 300m Extension Outside Building

How to Use the SignalTech Wifi Booster:

Sometimes when you go looking for tech devices like this one, the company doesn’t tell you that setup is a lot more complicated than they imply. Luckily, we’ve done the work on this one, and we can tell you that this wifi extender is extremely easy to add to your home.

Obviously, each device comes with a manual, but we can understand why you would want the instructions before placing your order.

Signaltech Wifi Booster

We are more than happy to walk you through the SignalTech Wifi Booster setup process to help you feel more confident before ordering:

  1. Identify the dead spots where you can receive wifi in your home
  2. Locate an outlet that is roughly halfway between your router and the dead spots
  3. Plug the device into the outlet
  4. It will connect to your network and within a few minutes, it will start extending your wifi signal
  5. The dead spot will be gone since the device helps the signal to reach everywhere in your home!
  6. Use additional devices on other dead spots if you have any!


SignalTech Wifi Booster Price:

The manufacturer of this device regularly offers deals to customers, so the price has a tendency to change. Since it’s an online exclusive offer, the price can change with just the push of a button.

Signaltech Wifi Booster

Those deals change, and you can lower the SignalTech Wifi Booster cost even further if you order multiple devices at once. We don’t want to promise a price here that turns out to be out of date. We have better advice for you.

How far away will a WiFi booster work?

Without additional help from boosters and such, a router can broadcast a signal within a limited area of about 150 feet (depending on the type of router you have). Boosters, extenders, and repeaters can spread your Wi-Fi signal much farther—up to 2,500 feet.

Do I need a WiFi booster or extender?

As yourself how many additional rooms would you like the extender to cover. If it’s just one small room, just about any basic WiFi extender should do the trick. However, if you want to cover a large area with a strong WiFi signal, you need a dual-band WiFi extender with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz support.

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