MSI GTX 980 Gaming Graphics Card 2020 Detailed Review

MSI GTX 980 Gaming Graphics Card 2020 Detailed Review.

MSI GTX 980 Gaming Graphics Card: The latest of NVIDIA’s Maxwell Generation GPU, which is the world’s fastest graphics processing unit today, is present in MSI’s GTX 980. This MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G review explores the GPU in detail, providing you the best-overclocking capability with the new Twin Frozr V cooling system. It promises to bring your computer the latest breakthrough technology and intelligent power consumption. 

MSI GTX 980 Gaming Graphics Card


The MSI GTX 980 can be easily configured with free software for optimal operation in different scenarios. For global settings, you can take advantage of the Gaming App, which gives you general parameters for your card to operate under.

If you want more control over the card’s operation, the Afterburner software allows you access to fine adjustments for overclocking, fan speed, and component voltages.

These parameters can also be viewed and changed wirelessly from your iOS or Android smartphone with a separately available app. 

With its Twin Frozr V cooler, the MSI GTX 980 keeps quiet and cool even when extensively overclocking the GPU. The Twin Frozr V cooler uses two large fans to whisk away hot air and lower the GPU’s internal temperature. 

Twin Frozr V Cooling 

Using two 4″ Torx exhaust fans to pull heat from a large heatsink with SuperSU pipes, the Twin Frozr V system is quiet and allows for overclocking without overheating. 

Gaming App 

Offers three global presets for GPU operation in different situations. The default mode is Gaming Mode which balances performance and cooling efficiency.

OC (OverClock) Mode increases performance by overclocking the GPU, however, this causes more noise because the fans have to work harder to cool the GPU. Silent Mode notches down the performance slightly from Gaming Mode to allow for nearly silent operation from the cooler. 

Afterburner Software

Afterburner Software 

The Afterburner software gives you precise control over almost every parameter present in your GPU. With the software, you can overclock the GPU, monitor fan speed and voltage, save recall-able profiles to match your computing load, as well as customize cooling trigger points.

Included with Afterburner is Predator, a software tool that allows you to capture your graphics card’s output. 

NVIDIA Gaming Performance Technology 

  • Dynamic Super Resolution: Renders games at a higher resolution than your monitor and scales them down to the native resolution of your display for better detail rendering. 
  • Multi-Frame Anti-Aliasing (MFAA): Delivers a performance boost while maintaining smooth, high-quality edges by alternating sample calculations across each frame and each pixel. 
  • Adaptive Vertical Sync: Controls vertical sync based on your current frame rates for a smoother gaming experience. 

NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 

Maximizes clock speeds based on workload. Also allows control over temperature, fan speed, extra over-voltage headroom, and optimizations for water-cooling solutions. 

NVIDIA Surround 

With a single card, you can expand your PC games across three displays in stereoscopic 3D for an “inside the game” experience. Add in a fourth auxiliary display to get access to your email, web, and other applications. 

SLI Ready 

NVIDIA SLI technology implements AFR (Alternate Frame Rendering) this uses multiple graphics cards to split the computing load. This improves scaling for anti-aliasing, as well as frame rates. 

NVIDIA CUDA Technology 

Take advantage of the GPU’s processor cores to accelerate demanding tasks such as video transcoding, physics simulation, and ray tracing.

Utilizing GPU processors for these tasks results in performance improvements over traditional CPUs. The GTX 980 supports DirectX 12, OpenCL, and OpenGL 4.4 allowing compatible software to benefit from GPU acceleration, taking much of the processing workload off of the CPU. 

Catching the vibe with cool LED effects 

Featuring a premium LED illuminated MSI GAMING Dragon to lighten the mood. This brand new function allows you to choose from 5 unique modes to set the right ambiance for your gaming moments with just one click.

Silent Mode 

The best environment for minimal fan noise 


  • Can run significantly faster than stock-clocked GTX 980. 
  • Includes simple-to-use overclocking and fan-control software. 
  • Requires much less power than comparable AMD cards. 


  • Requires two eight-pin power connectors. 
  • No protective metal backplate. 
  • 4K gaming at maximum settings still requires multiple cards. 

Consumer Reviews 

When taking a closer look at the consumer reviews of the MSI GTX 980 Gaming Graphics Card, one person commented that it runs smoothly, very cool, and quiet.

However, it maxes out around 70 degrees Celsius with graphics settings at 60fps and 1080 pixels. On processors rated at 4.6 GHz, the MSI GTX 980 went 4790k after being overclocked.

A lot of consumer reviews from Amazon UK gave positive feedback and highly recommended the video card to gamers. You can also purchase a high-definition LED screen for an ultimate visual experience. 



Overall, the MSI GTX 980 Gaming Graphics Card offers the fastest single GPU to date. Benchmark tests such as Batman: Arkham Origins and Metro: Last Light rated the card fairly closely against the GPU MSI R9 295X2, which is impressive based on expert standards. 

Another advantage of purchasing the GTX 980 is the 410 watts of power consumption. It’s highly efficient and powerful. 


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