Mpow Fly and M10 Bluetooth Earbuds 2020 Detailed Review

Mpow Fly and M10 Bluetooth Earbuds 2020 Detailed Review. 

Mpow Fly and M10 Bluetooth Earbuds: If you’ve been paying any attention to the world of earbuds and earphones for the last decade, you’re familiar with Mpow.

These are the folks that manufacture audio equipment for virtually every conceivable application, from call centers to console gaming, and we’ve reviewed a number of their products in the past.

Mpow Fly vs. M10 Bluetooth Earbuds


Mpow Fly and M10 Bluetooth Earbuds is what we’ll be looking at two different pairs of earbuds that the company released during the past year: the Fly and the M10. Both of these earbuds have a lot to offer, and they’re also completely different from each other in many respects. Let’s take a look at what makes each one worth buying, as well as anything that may make you want to steer clear. 

Basic Construction 

Starting off, you’ll notice that the Mpow Fly has a tethered design. In other words, while these earbuds don’t need to be plugged into your phone or MP3 player, they are connected to each other by a short cord that rests on the back of your neck.

The controls are located on a small fob in the middle of the cord, with an up and down volume button that can be held down to skip tracks. The center button serves as a play/pause button while clicking both volume buttons simultaneously works as a redial button.

The back of this dongle also contains the charging slot for the Micro USB charge cable, complete with a water-resistant charging port cover. 

The Mpow M10, on the other hand, has a more traditional design for a pair of wireless earbuds. They’re designed to look and feel like Apple AirPods, right down to the smooth white ABS finish.

The charging case has a clamshell design, complete with the magnetic closure that should be familiar to many wireless earbud users.

While the earbud wells themselves are not magnetic, it’s really not necessary, since it would be difficult to misalign the earbuds, to begin with, due to their shape. 

Battery and Charging 

The Mpow Fly is a bit of an oddball when it comes to battery life. On the one hand, it has a powerful, 100mAh on-board battery, which holds significantly more juice than your typical wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

This allows for an impressive 12 hours of battery life. Once again, that’s significantly more performance than you’ll get out of a typical earbud’s on-board battery. 


Mpow Fly and M10 Bluetooth Earbuds utilize Bluetooth 5.0, the latest version of the protocol. This allows for lag-free viewing of movies and videos, as well as for crystal clear phone calls without any delay between one side and the other.

However, the M10 offers one feature the Fly doesn’t: the ability to connect with a single earbud. If you sometimes don’t want to listen to music, but still want to have a hands-free calling option, use either earbud you like. 


If you’re looking for a custom fit, the Mpow Fly has a lot to deliver. In total, there are 12 different ways to wear your earbuds, with your choice of 4 different ear tip sizes and 3 different sized ear fin pairs.

In addition, you also get a Micro USB charging cable, as well as a simple zip tie storage pouch. Mpow also offers a 24-month warranty, so your purchase is guaranteed against most defects. 

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Sound Quality 

Mpow Fly and. M10 Bluetooth Earbuds are both similar in terms of sound quality, at least when it comes to performance across the spectrum.

The treble is crystal clear on both, with plenty of shimmers, and without any interference from the rest of the sound spectrum. This is great for classical music, as well as for other treble-heavy genres like country. 

Final Verdict 

Final Verdict 

For our money, it’s hard to go wrong with the Mpow Fly. Of course, that’s because we favor a rugged design, and we also like top-tier audio quality. The IPX7 water resistance is a huge plus since you won’t lose your earbuds just because you dropped them in a puddle. And the Bass+ mode adds some much-needed punch to the earbuds’ bass performance. 

In addition, the Fly is harder to lose. Earbuds are a fickle thing, and if you’ve ever lost one earbud out of a pair, you know how frustrating it can be to have to go out and buy a whole second pair.

The Fly’s tethered design helps you avoid this unfortunate scenario, without sacrificing any portability or convenience. 

That said, the Mpow M10 is a better option for travelers, since the charging case can keep you going a lot longer than the Fly’s on-board battery. In addition, the M10 also offers better noise-canceling on phone calls, so it’s a better choice if you spend more time talking on the phone than you do listening to the latest R&B hits. 

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