GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP Portable Gaming Monitor 2020 Review

GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP Portable Gaming Monitor 2020 Review.

The Sentinel is the newest evolution in compact portable Personal Gaming Environments built by GAEMS. The hard-shell case protects your console, while in transit while the integrated FHD 17.3” IPS Anti-Glare gaming monitor provides balance

Gaems Sentinel G170 Overview

The GAEMS Sentinel briefcase shell is made entirely of study, hard plastic. The GAEMS logo with a hexagonal board design emblazons the front in grayscale.

The handle at the top extends out when you lift up the briefcase to give ample space for your hand. There are two sliding latches on either side of the handle that keep the Sentinel securely closed.

The bottom and back have some rubberized non-slip pads to keep it from sliding when you set it down.

The setup

The first thing to note is that while the Sentinel Pro XP is a portable solution, it’s not exactly something you’ll be taking out everywhere.

Beyond it having the dimensions of an average briefcase, it still needs several elements to work.

So don’t expect to take this thing out on a plane or at a bus stop. It’s more of a convenience to bring out in a hotel room.

The Sentinel Pro XP comes with a 12V DC power supply, HDMI cable, and remote control powered by a single lithium battery

The power supply is for the GAEMS monitor itself, but keep in mind that you’ll also need a power supply for whatever console you’ll attach to this thing.

The other thing to note is that despite its appearance, the Sentinel Pro XP should not be used as an actual briefcase.

There are several warnings indicating that outside peripherals, as well as the device’s wires, should be stored externally, with GAEMS helpfully providing a small bag for these items. This is to prevent scratching the monitor, as well as scratching the console.

The performance

Cumbersome setup aside, the Sentinel Pro XP is a marvelous monitor setup. Games come across in full 1080p and while there are full monitor controls, the monitor already defaults to the best visual resolution.

I was able to get video quality that was just as good as my 1080p Vizio living room TV, so there was no noticeable downgrade when playing Marvel’s Spider-Man or Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

If anything, the LED monitor had these games looking better in certain places.

The video quality will serve the casual crowd well, but with the monitor’s resolution maxing out at 1080p and a 60Hz refresh rate, it may not satisfy those wanting a more high-end experience.

The audio capability is where the Sentinel Pro XP particularly shines. Its stereo front-facing 3W stereo speakers won’t impress hardcore audiophiles, but the sound quality will exceed most casual users’ expectations.

Though it should be noted that the monitor defaults to maximum volume to try and blow people out of their chairs right away.

The package

For what it does, the GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP is a nice piece of portable tech. The 17″ LED monitor matches and sometimes exceeds the picture quality of an average 1080p television.

But while it does support Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, those actually looking for that 4K resolution won’t be helped here.

But as something to bring out on long trips or lonesome hotel stays, this does its job in spades.

As a carrying case, it’s fairly effective. The velcro straps and foam base take care of the average console. However, at 17 inches in both width and height, the case can get a little bulky.

It doesn’t help that peripherals need to be carried outside the case, due to the risk of breaking what feels like a fragile LED monitor.


  • Solid travel solution for gaming in hotel rooms
  • LED monitor offers better picture quality than the average 1080p TV
  • Good sound quality, especially when using dual-jack headphones
  • Foam base and velcro straps take care of your console
  • Handy briefcase design makes it easy to lug around


  • Monitor feels fragile
  • Having to carry peripherals outside the case gets cumbersome
  • Monitor resolution not quite good enough to take advantage of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X
  • Requiring multiple outlets makes it less of a ‘gaming on the go’ experience
  • Price tag may be a turn off

Audio Quality

There’s one thing the Pro XP does better than regular monitors. While nearly all modern monitors will use speakers on their backside, the Pro XP has front-facing speakers.

They’re adjacent to the control buttons on the front side of the Sentinel Pro XP.

It’s great the speakers are positioned properly; it actually helps them sound much better than they would otherwise.

But at the end of the day, the Sentinel Pro XP was still constructed with 3W stereo speakers, and that means they sound almost the same as any other 17” computer monitor.

You’ll get far better audio by swapping a pair of headphones and connecting to one of the 3.5mm audio ports with a headset.

The Usage

The buttons on the monitor are easy to use. They’re backlit, well labeled, and fairly large compared to most monitor buttons.

The whole thing is pretty intuitive. But what makes navigation of the Sentinel smooth is mostly its IR remote.

The remote does essentially the same things as the buttons on the panel, which makes this portable gaming monitor feel more like a television.

Because it’s an infrared remote, you’ll need line of sight with the GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP 1080p Portable Gaming Monitor, specifically with the sensor near the base of the monitor.

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