Braven BRV-Mini Bluetooth Speaker 2020 Latest Updated Review

Braven BRV-Mini Bluetooth Speaker 2020 Latest Updated Review

The Braven BRV-1 is a compact wireless Bluetooth speaker that has a rugged, splashproof design. It sounds decent for its size and has good battery life.

Appearance and features

The BRV-Mini is a small, squat speaker that I would place in the ultra-portable category. A single speaker is roughly the circumference of a can of soda, meaning it drops pretty easily into a bag if you want to take it on the go.

The included lanyard allows you to hang it from a carabiner if you want to take it with you on a trek through the great outdoors.

As an added bonus, two BRV-Minis can be paired together, giving you a stereo experience or to help fill a larger room with more sound.

The BRV-Mini is waterproof IPX7 rated and even floats, meaning that it’s safe to take poolside or along for a canoe trip. Its rugged design also makes it the perfect stocking stuffer for teens and tweens who might still be a bit hard on their tech gear.

The BRV-Mini speakers are available in a few different colors, including black, gray, red, and navy blue. I have a pair of the navy blue and think they look pretty great.

Sound and Performance

The BRV-Mini is no exception. Despite its small size, the BRV-Mini packs some serious punch. The speakers have a substantial amount of bass and clear, defined mid- and high-range.

The maximum volume is extremely impressive for a speaker this small, and there’s not a lot of sound degradation at higher levels.

Overall, this is what I would consider a solid-sounding speaker. Pair two BRV-Minis together and it’s even better.

As for hands-free speaker calling, I wasn’t impressed. I haven’t found many Bluetooth speakers that can double as a viable hands-free option, and this one didn’t blow me out of the water.

Water Proof

The BRV-Mini has an IPX7 rating; this means that it can survive being fully immersed in water of about one meter in depth for up to 30 minutes.

Consequently, you can comfortably have this speaker with you in the shower, or take it with you to the beach, canoeing, or while engaging in any activity that involves water.

The deeper the body of water, the more quickly you have to take it out. It would be a good idea to keep the I/O port fully closed and sealed before introducing it to water.

Ease of use

Like most of Braven’s products, these speakers are pretty easy to use. I was able to pair one with my computer, iPhone, and iPad without needing to turn to the instruction booklet.

Braven has clearly marked the BRV-Mini’s play button with the Bluetooth symbol— just press and hold to enter pairing mode.

Pairing two together did require me to read the booklet, but fortunately, it’s a two-step process that takes mere seconds to complete. It’s definitely one of the more painless pairing processes I’ve had to endure.


  • Easy to pair, both to devices and to each other
  • Great sound quality
  • Surprisingly loud maximum volume
  • Durable enough to stand up to most abuse


  • Not great for hands-free phone calls
  • It sometimes lags when paired with video
  • Extra effort to have the best sound
  • Some distortion at high levels


Due to its small size, the sound won’t wake up your neighbour. If you’re looking for a small speaker that produces great mids and highs, with a bit of low-end bass as well, the Braven BRV-Mini Rugged Portable Speaker does a pretty good job considering its small size.

By the way, If you need more sound, you can pair two Braven BRV-Mini Rugged Portable Speaker together for stereo sound. A great option for covering more area.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, Braven mention on the packaging you get 12 hours of playtime and like most speakers, if you play it on the max level you have no chance to reach 12 hours.

However, If you use it like must of us would on a medium level then 12 hours is very achievable and if you’re taking this speaker outdoors then my feeling 12 hours playtime is very good going.

Moving to how it performs in regards to the sound quality.

This speaker gives you a great sound with the chance to pair a second BRV-MINI for that stereo sound. When using just the one speaker this speaker can produce some great sound it offers a strong low-end bass and a clear and well defined mid and high ranges.

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