Best Smart WiFi Endoscopes 2020 Detailed Review

Best Smart WiFi Endoscopes 2020 Detailed Review.

Best Smart WiFi Endoscopes: If you’re an automotive professional, an electrician, or a plumber, you already know the importance of a good endoscope. It’s an essential tool for the job. 


To begin with, the length is important, and “longer” doesn’t necessarily mean “better”. If you’re trying to scope out a long HVAC line, a longer cable is definitely the way to go.

But what if you just need to peek inside your wall, or scope out the inside of an engine? In that case, you might want a shorter, more manageable cable.

There are other important features as well. For example, long battery life, a semi-rigid cable, and good lighting are all desirable. 

DEPSTECH WiFi Endoscope 

DEPSTECH WiFi Endoscope 

The DEPSTECH WiFi Endoscope has a small, handheld control unit that performs all the functions you need. On the front face, there’s a bright red camera button to capture a screenshot.

Beneath that, you’ll see a pair of buttons to operate the zoom function. Above these buttons, there are four LED lights. A blue LED light indicates when the WiFi signal is active.

The other three indicate the status of the battery. On the right, there are three additional buttons. One turns the LED lights on and off, and the others adjust the intensity. On the left side, there’s a power button, as well as a small reset button in case anything goes wrong. 

Battery and Extras 

The DEPSTECH endoscope has a 3.350mAh battery, which is sufficient for four to five hours of work. The exact time will depend on the LED brightness, which has some impact on the battery. It charges easily via Micro USB in about two hours.
On the front of the handheld unit, there’s a built-in recessed flashlight. This can be useful if you need to work in a dark area and don’t want to carry a flashlight.

In addition, you get mirror, magnet, and hook attachments for the tip. This makes it easy to snag lost objects or peek around a corner. 

AIRSEE Wireless Endoscope Camera 

AIRSEE Wireless Endoscope Camera 

The AIRSEE Wireless Endoscope Camera has a somewhat different look than the DEPSTECH unit. The handheld unit is a bit beefier, with a rubberized grip that makes it easy to keep hold of.

On one side, there’s an LED battery meter, as well as a WiFi indicator. On the front, there’s a simple power button. That’s about it. Everything else is controlled directly from the app. 

Battery and Extras 

The AIRSEE’s internal battery holds a charge of 2,600mAh. This will get you roughly two to three hours of performance, depending on LED brightness.

It recharges with a Micro USB cable and takes about two hours to fully charge. Like the DEPSTECH borescope, the AIRSEE borescope comes with a mirror, a magnet, and a hook attachment.

In addition to these nifty tools, you also get a lens protector. This is a great feature if you carry it in a tool chest with other tools. 

Oiiwak Dual-Lens Endoscope

Oiiwak Dual-Lens Endoscope 

The Oiiwak Dual-Lens Endoscope has a beefy, no-nonsense design. The control unit is constructed from black ABS plastic, with bright orange buttons on the front.

The top button is used to snap pictures, while the bottom two control the zoom level. Underneath, there are blue and red LEDs that indicate the WiFi and power status respectively.

On the left side of the unit, there’s a tiny pinhole with a reset button. On the right, there’s a scroll wheel that’s used to adjust the LED lights. There’s also a simple toggle switch to turn the unit on and off. 

Battery and Extras 

The Oiiwak borescope houses a 1,800mAh battery. At first, this might not seem like enough. It’s certainly less than our other choices. That said, the internal circuitry is more efficient than most.

As a result, you get three to four hours of use from a single charge. It will recharge in about 90 minutes via Micro USB. The attachments are less varied than those you get with the other units.

You get a hook and a magnet, but no mirror. Nonetheless, that should be good enough for most everyday purposes. Besides this, a mirror shouldn’t be necessary to peek around corners. The side camera will get the job done, no problem. 

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Final Verdict 

Each of these Smart WiFi Endoscopes has its own costs and benefits. To begin with, the DEPSTECH WiFi Endoscope has the highest resolution. It also sports a full array of tools, along with an extra-long cable.

If you need to scope out a long run, it’s an excellent choice. On the other hand, a very long cable might be too bulky for some individuals. 

The AIRSEE Wireless Endoscope Camera is the best when it comes to app features. You can adjust the screen resolution through the app, as well as operate all the controls.

However, if you like manual controls, you’re going to be out of luck. On the plus side, you do get a lens cap, which provides excellent protection. 

The Oiiwak Dual-Lens Endoscope sports the best manual controls. You get big, beefy buttons that are easy to operate. You also get a unique dual-lens design.

If you want a very wide field of view, it’s tough to beat this one. Then again, the resolution is lower than the others. 

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