Best Print Head Nozzle Cleaning Kits 2020 Detailed Review

Best Print Head Nozzle Cleaning Kits 2020 Detailed Review.

Best Print Head Nozzle Cleaning Kits: Printer problems are nearly always frustrating. But if you do plenty of printing, then it’s just a matter of time until you’re dealing with those kinds of issues. 


Unfortunately, many printer problems can be obscure and hard to diagnose. Fortunately, the solutions are usually much simpler and cheaper than replacing your printer. 

If you have print jobs that are coming out faint, or otherwise incomplete, you’re probably suffering from jammed print heads.

And if you’ve got streaking within your prints as well, then you’re almost certainly dealing with a clogged nozzle. These types of clogs are an unavoidable part of printing as dry ink residue collects within the shaft over time. 

Printhead Hospital Cleaning Kits

Printhead Hospital Cleaning Kits 

Printhead Hospital Cleaning Kits are a fairly standard tool for anyone with an Epson printer. That’s because using Printhead Hospital Cleaning Kits is particularly easy, even for people who aren’t technologically inclined.

And it’s because Printhead Hospital Cleaning Kits have some of the highest rates of success of any type of cleaning kit on the market. 

While there’s no such thing as a silver bullet for every type of print head nozzle jam, Printhead Hospital Cleaning Kits come awfully close. This kit is standardized to the point that the included instructional video can all but do the job for you. 

Cleaning Efficacy and Process 

Printhead Hospital Cleaning Kits are available in a variety of sizes, from 5 to 17 ounces. And getting that cleaning solution into action is easy.

You’ll want to start by running a print job to determine which nozzles have to be cleaned. After that, you’ll need to slightly warm-up the cleaning solution, then remove your print cartridges. 

And that’s about as hard as the process gets. From there, you simply connect each print-head with the syringe and inject 1ml of Printhead Hospital cleaning solution into each of the print heads you’re trying to clear out. You leave the solution to work for about five minutes, then inject another 1ml of fluid to wash everything out. 

After you’ve completed this process, you’ll need fresh ink to start printing again, but your print heads will be back in working order.

As Printhead Hospital mentions numerous times on their packaging, there’s a tiny risk that this process will cause damage to your printer. Consequently, it only makes sense to turn to print head nozzle cleaning kits after you’ve tried other solutions. 

Magic Bullet Print Head Cleaner and Unblocker Kit 

Magic Bullet Print Head Cleaner and Unblocker Kit 

The Magic Bullet is a fairly direct solution to blocked print head problems. As with Printhead Hospital, this is a brand widely favored by a variety of professional technicians. It’s been made specifically for Epson desktop printers, and specially formulated to break down dried inks. 

The kit includes a two-ounce bottle of cleaning solution, one pair of gloves, cleaning instructions, and a pair of 10ml syringes for Epson printers. As with Printhead Hospital, Magic Bullet provides a fairly detailed instructional video that provides step-by-step instructions for novice users. 

Cleaning Efficacy and Process 

This kit provides essentially everything you need for years of effective print head cleaning. The end of each syringe is specially adapted to connect with Epson printer print head.

The inclusion of two syringes may not make sense at first, but it’s actually highly convenient in two ways. It makes the two-step process smoother to have a secondary flushing instrument ready, and it’s useful to have a backup syringe just in-case something happens to the first. 

With respect to the cleaning solution, Magic Bullet lives up to its name. The Magic Bullet formula is nothing if not strong, allowing you to flush out internal ink buildup with little effort.

But like any print head nozzle cleaning kit, you do have to push through the formula twice. The first pass breaks down the ink buildup within your print heads, and the second pass flushes everything out, preparing you for your next print job. 

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In most of the ways that matter, there’s a great deal of overlap between Printhead Hospital Cleaning Kits, and the Magic Bullet Print Head Cleaner and Unblocker Kit.

They’re both cost-effective solutions, and they both include everything you need to flush out your print heads multiple times. But they’re quite different with respect to the magnitude of their strength, and with respect to the repeated application. 

The Magic Bullet Print Head Cleaner and Unblocker kit is an effective, highly powerful cleaning solution. As with Printhead Hospital, ease of use is exceptionally high, making this a great choice for someone who’s not confident in their ability to clean print heads or handle other printer issues.

And the ink-oriented nature of this cleaning solution means it’s far less likely to potentially cause damage to your system than nearly all other types of print head nozzle cleaning kits. 

The Printhead Hospital cleaner includes 5oz of solution. It’s a fairly mild cleaning agent, but it nevertheless tears through nearly all print head clogs. Printhead Hospital Cleaning Kits report that nine of ten people are successful with their kit, which are fairly good odds.

This is also one of the most economical choices for print head nozzle cleaning kits, especially if you’re looking into flush-out print heads on a regular basis. 

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