Best OLED TVs 2021 With the Most Outstanding Features You Will Love

Looking for a TV that gives you a complete audiovisual upgrade in a compact package? The unique tech of Best OLED 4K TVs gives them mind-blowing levels of contrast and precision, meaning they’re often the choice of hardcore cinephiles.

The best OLED TVs 2021 that you can buy right now are the titans of today’s TV tech. Each of these TVs boasts the most vivid, true-to-life colors that most of us will ever have seen on a screen – at least one inside our homes.

Best OLED TVs 2021

These TVs also have excellent contrast and brightness control, serving up super vibrant colors and the deepest blacks. Many people looking for a new TV ask us: “why would I want an OLED TV?” We say: “why wouldn’t you want an OLED TV?

But as with all TVs, there’s a confusing string of letters for their specs you have to decipher when choosing between them, so our guide is here to provide the easy explanations and recommendations you need to make your choice.

1. Panasonic TX-55HZ2000 OLED TV

Panasonic’s flagship TV stands apart from other OLED TVs thanks to its Professional Edition Master OLED panel.

This goes brighter than any other OLED set, while still maintaining the rich and subtle dark areas that the technology is famed for.

This means you get more spectacular HDR performance than any of the other TVs here and beautiful realistic colors.

Panasonic’s TVs are also tuned to be as close to Hollywood mastering monitors as possible, meaning that what you’ll see on this TV is the same as what editors and directors see when getting the look of their movies right.

The image processing is also top-tier, with SDR material looking as bright and clean as possible, and HD video being upscaled to 4K naturally.

Native 4K really has the detail brought out of it, and when combined with that HDR performance, there’s no doubt you’re looking at something special.

The My Home Screen 5 software and app support is solid, though it lacks Disney+ currently, so you’d need to add a media streamer to get this particular service.

The HZ2000 has forward-firing speakers and two up-firing speakers, meaning it gives you a glimpse of Dolby Atmos quality – it really works for expanding the soundstage compared to most TVs.

It’s no substitute for a really great separate sound system, but it’s better than almost any other built-in option.




The CX offers a precision of detail in its dark areas that are essentially unparalleled, and that helps its contrast to look just about as impressive as OLED has ever managed.

And with even better upscaling of HD footage to 4K, you really feel like everything that’s in the scene is getting its best possible treatment.

Best OLED TVs 2021

We’ve recommended the 48-inch version here, mostly because it’s the first 4K OLED TV on the market smaller than 55 inches, so it’s in a class of one if you want the cinematic majesty of OLED but don’t have space for anything bigger than this.

But our recommendation stretches equally to the other sizes in the range, which stretches from the small one right up to 77 inches

Another reason this is the TV to watch in 2020 is that it’s unbeatable for gaming. It supports every whizz-bang feature of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, including 4K at 120 frames per second. This is perfect for getting ready for the next-gen.



  • Struggles with bass
  • No HDR10


3. Philips 48OLED935 Smart TV

Looking for a TV that gives you a complete audiovisual upgrade in a compact package? The 48-inch version of this TV is unparalleled for this – not only is it the joint-smallest OLED TV.

It has a Dolby Atmos sound system built into the stand, including real up-firing drivers.

Best OLED TVs 2021

It’s like buying a TV and soundbar, but it takes up less space and costs less than buying them separately. We love it.

Crucially, both the TV and audio side are fantastic. Philips’ new generation of OLED TVs retain the punchy HDR colors the brand is known for, but its new AI-based processing adds more realism to things like skin tones while still making colors pop in general.

It’s really impressive, especially when mixed with the deep, nuanced shadow tones that OLED is revered for.

The only downside to this TV is that it’s not great for gaming – the gaming mode is okay for reaction times, but there are no next-gen features such as 4K 120Hz support over HDMI, or Variable Refresh Rates.

But for movie lovers who want a home cinema experience without the hassle of dealing with multiple products, this is just perfect.


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