Best LED Bias Lighting TV Backlight Kit 2020 Detailed Review

Best LED Bias Lighting TV Backlight Kit 2020 Detailed Review.

Best LED Bias Lighting TV Backlight Kit: Done correctly, it can look very cool. From a strictly utilitarian standpoint, it can help you see better behind your TV, which can make it a bit easier to plug or unplug stuff. Which is precisely why a lot of high-end TVs these days are being made with built-in lights. 

Choosing the Best LED Bias Lighting TV Backlight Kit 

But getting the right lights depends a lot on understanding your own individual circumstances. Different environments, different sized TVs, and people with different aesthetic goals will need lights with a different range of capabilities. 

Govee LED Strip Lights 

Govee LED Strip Lights 

Occasionally you need more than just 15 color options. Sometimes you really do want to find that perfect shade of blue. If that describes you, then you might like the Govee LED Strip Lights. They’re built around the idea that backlighting should be fully adjustable.

In fact, you can pretty much take advantage of the full range of possibilities for LEDs, moving between 16 million colors of your choosing. 

Build & Design 

Govee LED Strip Lights are made to run 6.5ft, which is a good length for people trying to take on smaller installation tasks. Decent for running along 40” televisions, but you wouldn’t want to stretch them much further than that. A 50” screen would be passable, and a 30” screen would be workable, but the closer you are to 40”, the better. 

Other Considerations 

The app has support for both iOS and Android platforms, so you don’t have to worry about encountering issues with compatibility. 

Like almost any pair of similar lights, it may be worth pointing out that these lights are not waterproof. Considering that your television probably isn’t waterproof, that’s not bound to be much of an issue. Similarly, they emit a very low level of heat, largely the result of a modest 5V operation.

That allows them to remain touchable, even after long periods of operation. Consequently, they’re probably safe to have around kids. 

Power Practical Luminoodle 

Power Practical Luminoodle 

The Power Practical Luminoodle were made for people who have a modest amount of technical ability, but still want to keep things pretty simple. Their light strips are presently available in three sizes: small, large, and extra-large. For most people in most circumstances, one of these options ought to be able to get the job done. 

Build & Design 

The extra-large kit runs a length of 156”, which is pretty good for illuminating the backside of an exceptionally big +60” TV. The large kit runs a length of 118”, which is pretty good for a screen that’s around 30” to 40”. The small kit includes 39” of strip, which is okay for a smaller 24” panel, like a monitor. 

Other Considerations 

The installation is pretty simple with the help of the included 3M adhesive, making it possible to stick these lights to the backside of your display without any issue. Though if you’re looking for a more advanced installation, you’ll need to come up with your own mounting hardware. 

The Power Practical Luminoodle includes a one-year warranty with all of its products. LEDs like these tend to last for several years of consecutive use, so the one-year warranty is a grave underestimation of their expected lifespan. 



Some people are only looking for soft ambient lighting behind their screen. Other people want brighter lights. The difference is partially a matter of style, but depending on the distance between your screen and the wall behind it, brighter lights can occasionally be important to have. 

To put it simply, Hamlite LED TV Backlights are super-bright LEDs. They’re made to be near twice as bright as standard white LEDs, especially when you’re comparing them to similarly equipped lights. 

The heightened contrast created by having super-bright LEDs is supposed to be especially good at reducing eye strain, but whether or not that’s accurate really depends on the circumstances of your own unique installation. 

Build & Design 

The Hamlite LED TV Backlight kit is also available in a wide variety of sizes. From 6.5ft of lights to 18ft of lights, you can cover screens ranging between 32” and 82”. A pretty wide variety, which should be able to support the needs of virtually anyone who’s trying to put a few ambient lights on the backside of their TV. 

Other Considerations 

The included remote is slightly more sensitive than a typical IR remote, but not by much. It’s a fairly intuitive RF remote, which lets you turn on or off the lights, switch between different lighting modes and speeds, and adjust the color and brightness of the lights. Basically all your controls in one place. Because it’s an analog interface, there’s not much room for confusion. 

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Govee LED Strip Lights are pretty useful for people who want color customization options. Their app support lets you take advantage of the full-color potential of LEDs. Their biggest limitation is that these lights only run about 6.5ft. Being powered by USB is quite distinctive for this kit.

This really makes this the right choice for someone who either desperately wants color options or someone who sees the convenience of running a USB connection. 

The Power Practical Luminoodle has a number of economical options for people who may or may not care about having color options for their LEDs. Most people setting up bias lighting for TV backlights will probably end up using white light.

If you’re among that group, it makes sense to get some simple, straightforward lights that can help you save a few bucks. Which is exactly what this kit is all about. 

For the best size options, you’ll want to turn to Hamlite LED TV Backlight kits. Though you can’t cover smaller 24” screens, that’s pretty much the only limitation to keep in mind here.

These lights can take you from 32” to 82”, they’re bright, adjustable, and easy to setup. Not exactly as cost-effective as other options on this list, but LED for LED, they’re still competitively priced. 

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