Best Laptop Locking Cables 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits

Best Laptop Locking Cables 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits.

Best Laptop Locking Cables: Thanks to modern slim and portable laptops, we can take our computers with us anywhere we want to go. It only takes a second to close the lid and throw it in a bag, making our digital lifestyle more convenient than it ever has before. 


Unfortunately, this comes with a trade-off. If your laptop allows you to grab and go with a moment’s notice, this means that a thief can do the same.

 For the Best Laptop Locking Cables, Whether you’re trying to set up a laptop for public use or keeping your own tech secured in the workplace, a laptop locking cable is a quick and easy way to protect your investment. 

Kensington Combination Ultra Cable Lock 

Kensington Combination Ultra Cable Lock 

Since Kensington invented the format, you can be sure that they know how to use it. Kensington locks are the most popular, and in some areas the best. Laptop locks that you can buy. This Ultra cable lock is a step above their standard model.

Ease of Use 

The Kensington Combination Ultra Cable Lock has a loop on one end, and a lock on the other. To get it up and running, all you have to do is pull the cable around some sturdy object such as a table leg, loop the lock head through the loop, and insert it into the Kensington slot on your laptop.

This lock is closed by pushing the button on the side of it, which is much simpler than the traditional Kensington lock. 

Features & Options 

There are two different versions of this cable, the Ultra and the Standard. The only difference between them is that the Ultra’s cable is 60% thicker.

We’d always recommend getting the Ultra. It doesn’t cost very much more, and it is significantly more durable than other options. 


Kensington uses a cable made from carbon steel. This type of steel is the hardest on the market, and its unique woven pattern increases tensile strength beyond your typical cable.

Carbon is better than stainless in almost every way, with the exception of one thing – shearing. Bolt cutters are a real threat where cable locks are concerned, so Kensington used an anti-shear sleeve. This sleeve prevents these cutters from effectively grabbing into the cable. 

Kensington Microsaver 2.0 Keyed Cable Lock 

Kensington Microsaver 2.0 Keyed Cable Lock 

Kensington’s best selling cable lock has been slowly updated over the years, but many of the core principles have remained the same. But we can’t say the same thing about our laptops.

Even budget-minded computers are wafer-thin compared to the behemoths we used to carry around. The Micro saver lock was designed for those ultra-portable computers where space is at a premium.

Ease of Use 

With the Microsaver 2.0, some of the core functionality remains the same as other tried and true Kensington locks. You loop the cable around a stationary object, feed the cable through the loop, then attach the lock to your computer.

But there are a few key differences. First, you’ll notice that the lock is attached to a swivel joint. This joint allows the lock to bend along a pivot, making it easier to fit it into tight spots. 

Features & Options 

This is the lock that Kensington designed for devices that didn’t play well with their other models. For that reason, no other line of locks is available with more options than the Microserver.

The first thing you’ll need to decide is the size. You can get portable, regular, or ultra. The portable lock uses a thin, but reasonably sturdy cable. To make it easy to carry around, the cable is looped much like a telephone cord. 


For many, a key lock is much more secured than a code lock. Although unlikely, a code lock can always be cracked, or the installer can forget to mix up the numbers after it is installed. But that doesn’t mean that key locks are unbreakable. Most can be picked. 

Bodyguard Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable 

Bodyguard Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable 

Kensington makes great locks, but they don’t own the format. There are tons of fantastic third party locks available for a reasonable price.

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful alternative, FOLAI takes some of the best features of the Kensington lock and adds a unique flair.

Ease of Use 

What stands out about the FOLAI Combination Laptop Lock is the unique lever mechanism. Flip the lever down to unlock it, flip it up to secure it. Your fingers are already making the same motion while entering your code, so using the FOLAI lock feels natural.

The lock also gives you a simple way to change the code, if necessary. At the end of the lock, housing is a pin. Just use a pen or pointed object to push and hold the pin in. While this is done, you can change the code as you see fit. Once released, you’ll be able to lock it using your new code. 


Fitted with a steel cable, this lock is more than secure enough for most environments. Although it has an anti-shear coating, this isn’t the type of cable that can withstand bolt cutters. That being said, it’s still more than enough if you’re leaving your laptop out at a café, or in the office. 

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For the Best Laptop Locking Cables, keeping your hardware locked up in a public space, the Kensington Combination Ultra Cable Lock is ideal. It’s got one of the thickest cables that you can buy, making it virtually unbreakable even to committed criminals.

This very same hardware is used by businesses for demo purposes, so you know that it can be trusted. This cable is compatible with virtually all laptops, with the only exception being ultra-portables. 

If you still want top-notch security but use a compact, or unique device that won’t work with the bulky ultra lock, consider the Kensington Microsaver 2.0 Keyed Cable Lock. With an ultra-small locking head, swivel mount, and highly flexible cable, this is one of the most versatile options on the market. 

If you’re looking for an affordable theft deterrent, the FOLAI Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable is a fantastic option. While it might not be safe from bolt cutters, it’s still a highly effective theft deterrent. Unlike many other affordable options, FOLAI didn’t compromise any quality when designing this lock. 

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