Best Hidden License Plate Frames 2020 Detailed Review

Best Hidden License Plate Frames 2020 Detailed Review.

Best Hidden License Plate Frames: Although it’s illegal to have concealed plates while driving on the road, there are still plenty of reasons why you’d want to be able to hide your plates. A license plate frame can help provide privacy or protect your plates from theft and damage. 


Whatever the reason you want a hidden plate frame, there are a couple of concerns to think about before making your selection.

Making small adaptations to your car doesn’t have to be a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be easy either. If you don’t look before you leap, you can end up with a plate frame that doesn’t even attach to your vehicle. 

Hide-Away Cover-Up Stealth License Plate Frame 

Hide-Away Cover-Up Stealth License Plate Frame 

Hide-Away license plate frames look exactly like something you’d see in an old James Bond movie. Their frame uses a plain black design that aesthetically matches up with nearly any vehicle.

When you trigger its remote, the plate frames immediately respond and begin to mechanically lower a shutter over your plates. And it’s safe to say Hide-Away’s frame is one of the easier to install frames on the market. 

This kit comes with two motorized plate frames, one for the front side of your vehicle, and one for the back. Each is installed using your existing licensee mounting points, meaning anyone can complete the installation in minutes with only the parts they have on hand. 

Design and Features 

The primary control remote is connected through your 12V cigarette outlet. Whether that’s a pro or a con depends entirely on your intended use.

Someone who has a satnav or GPS powered by their cigarette outlet may find this remote completely inconvenient. But if you’re not using your outlet or don’t mind plugging in your frames every time you want to use them, this kind of connection works well. 

Show N Go Electric Powered License Plate Frame 

Show N Go Electric Powered License Plate Frame 

As far as custom car modifications go, the Show N Gro Electric Powered Frame is quite inexpensive. For the small number of people these frames were designed for, it offers a remarkably high value.

But more than the value, what makes this hidden license plate frames distinct is the way in which they conceal your plates.

While most plate frames conceal plates by lowering a shutter, these frames actually rotate the plate itself into a stowed position beneath the bumper of your vehicle. 

Design and Features 

Like with similar hidden plate frames, Show N Go’s electric frame activates with the push of one button. Their remote uses the typical keychain-design you see on most hidden license plate frames.

And the Show n Go kit comes fully assembled, including universal mounting hardware. Even if you don’t have a bunch of tools hanging around your garage, you’ll still have no problem getting these frames attached.

Whether you’re an enthusiast or an amateur, Snow n Go is an approachable choice. 

Avaparts License Plate Frame Shutter 

Avaparts License Plate Frame Shutter 

Avaparts’ design is made to look like a completely ordinary license plate frame, but behind that unassuming appearance, you’ll find essentially every feature you could want from a hidden license plate frame.

It doesn’t go overboard with frills and extras, and it doesn’t use shoddy materials in its construction. If you’re looking for a dependable if not generic plate frame, then this frame is worth your close attention. 

Design and Features 

The design of this frame tucks away the edges of your license plate, making it far more difficult to steal. Your plates are completely sealed when you close the shutter, and they can’t be revealed manually without the use of special instruments.

Closed designs like this are ideal for protecting your plate from dirt and dust. Unfortunately, each set of plate frames only include one hideaway plate.

People looking to get a framing shutter for both their front and back plates will want to look for a different kit. 

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If you’re installing a plate frame on a vehicle that’s going to only be used indoors, then the Show n Go plate frame is an inexpensive way to cover up your plates. 

For a vehicle spending its days on tracks and car shows, it’s good enough for getting those jobs done. And the unique way your plates are hidden make Show n Go frames a worthy consideration for any style-oriented vehicle.

But the exposed electronics mean their frame isn’t well suited to wet environments, and it doesn’t add much in the ways of theft protection for your plate. 

If you’re only concerned about covering one plate frame, then Avaparts frames are a great choice. Their standard closed-shutter design is paired with an incredibly sturdy design that does everything you expect it to do.

Although this kit doesn’t come with anything to help you get the installation going, that’s largely because Avaparts assumes most of its customer base has at least a couple of tools in their garage.

Installation is easy because all you’ll end up needing is some way to remove and reattach the bolts on your existing plate frames. 

Finally, the Hide-Away Plates kit is a dual-frame kit that’s good for someone intent on covering both plates on one vehicle. It includes both a remote and a cigarette-outlet powered remote, giving you more options for use than any other plate frame.

It uses a design that can be safely activated at any speed, and the closure of the shutter takes only about three seconds. Anyone who doesn’t mind paying for the best will want to grab Hide-Away’s plate kit. 

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