Best Copier Machine Latest 2020 Updated Review

Best Copier Machine Latest 2020 Updated Review

Best Copier Machine Latest 2020 Updated Review.

You are currently in the market for a copier machine your money can buy. But, you don’t really know which to get. In this article, we have made a guide on how to pick the best copier machine available.

Best Copier Machines Latest 2020 Updated Review

When Choosing a Copier Machine

Pricing and Costs Associated

All the printers in this review had a cost ranging from about $340.00 to about $2,000.00. Many of these multifunction copiers had a range of expenses because each supplier has priced them differently.

Each copier we reviewed had different costs and volume limits for toner, monthly duty cycles (maximum monthly print/copy volumes), and replacement limits for drums.

Even toner volumes differed for individual copiers and toner colour. For example, some manufacturers store black-toner in their cartridges to increase the length of time between replacing black toner.

This is due to higher black-toner usage when printing both black and white and colour. One last item we calculated was the cost per page to compare each of the printers for the costs associated with similar volume requirements.

Toner is an important cost, and every business should make sure that they aren’t cutting any costs by using something other than original or genuine toner, cartridges, and parts.

If you are comparing prices on different copiers, make sure you see what size toner they may include with each device. Manufacturers may ship it with a smaller version to decrease the purchase price.

There are many companies online selling “compatible” toner cartridges or parts, but these will inevitably leave you with added costs, could void your warranty, or even cause you to replace your copier altogether. Don’t forget to watch out for the “Toner Pirates!”


We reviewed all of these office copiers in two different areas of excellence: the quality of printing and the quality of scanning. Each office copier specifies the resolution that it can print and scan.

The majority of the copiers we tested had a minimum print resolution of 600 x 600 and the same average scan quality.

Fax Capability

Although small businesses are sending more email than any other form of communication, we found that all but two of these printers included the ability to send and receive faxes.


Exploring different office copier features is an easy way to review, compare, and grade copiers. Each copier’s manufacturer posts the number of prints their device can print over time.

This is represented using “ppm” or pages per minute. Also, they can specify the number of pages their copier can scan per minute. This rating is characterized using “ipm” or images per minute. Another feature that differed between these office copiers was the amount of paper capacity.

Additional Options Considered

An office copier needs to communicate with your business and employees. It’s important for the devices to be networked so that your staff can print or scan, send, and distribute files to a directory, email address, to their inbox, or other employees.

Only a few offered wireless networking capabilities and most of these office copiers provided some form of printing from mobile devices.

Canon Office and Business MB5420 Copier Machine

Printers designed for business fill a special need, somewhere between the needs of an industrial printer and the needs of an individual.

In the Canon MB5420, you find the absolute centre of those two points. Designed to be used in offices with as many as 10 people printing, this copier doesn’t disappoint with its premium features, like duplex copying and printing.

Important Features

The most prominent feature of this device is single-pass duplex scanning and copying, made possible by an innovative design that scans both sides of a document at the same time.

You’ll be able to make professional duplex prints or make copies virtually twice as fast. You can connect through AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Canon Print app, or wirelessly through Wi-Fi. And using XL cartridges like with the Brother printer above, you’ll definitely end up saving on ink.

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Brother Wireless MFCJ5330DW

Brother Wireless MFCJ5330DW

A printer clearly built for business, the Brother MFCJ5330DW won’t leave you waiting for your print jobs to slowly grind their way out.

Capable of handling whatever you can throw at it, this Brother printer has all the essential modern features you’ll want for your small business, without any enterprise-level features burdening the price. You’ll find many convenient presets for document printing, so you can make one-click customized calendars, signage, or business documents.

Important Features

The first thing small business owners should note is the fully flexible paper handling capabilities of the Brother MFCJ5330DW. Accepting 11’’x17’’ documents, you won’t have a hard time with envelopes, printing card stock, or other unusual print jobs.

The document feeder can help you automatically process up to 50 sheets of unattended scanning and copying, so you don’t have to waste time babysitting the scan process. And those scans include automatic duplex 2-sided prints for saving paper with a professional touch.

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Canon imageCLASS D570

Canon imageCLASS D570

In the D570, Canon has created a uniquely strong combination of features for printing, coping, and scanning. This is a device that knows exactly what it wants to do, and exactly who it’s designed for.

Focused specifically on black and white prints, its compact design allows it to occupy a small amount of space while still maintaining all the essential features your small business needs. Short only of color, its versatile enough to handle whatever print needs arise, and intuitive enough to master using the machine after only a few prints.

Important Features

As opposed to standard Wi-Fi connections that go through routers, this device connects with Wi-Fi direct, enabling you to directly engage your compatible devices with the printer without a router.

The spirit of their support for wireless continues with support for Mopria Print, Google Cloud Print, Canon Print Business, and Apple AirPrint.

Although the navigation display isn’t as intuitive as the Brother printer above, the D570’s simple LED display still gets the job done. It uses the tried-and-true tillable 5-line text display that you’ve seen on most printers for the past 20 years, so you shouldn’t have a hard time navigating through the menus and finding your most commonly used features.

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