Best Budget Micro Hifi System: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

Best Budget Micro Hifi System: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide.

If you want an audio system to play music from a range of sources, there’s nothing better than a decent mini hi-fi. Whether you want to listen to the radio, play a CD, or stream music and podcast.

If you are looking for the best budget micro HiFi system to purchase, you have plenty of options available to you in this post.

10 Best Budget Micro Hifi System to Purchase 2021

We all like to listen to things with the best sound and modern hi-fi systems are now compact and they have so many great features.

They can be connected to most audio devices so they can stream from the internet, improve audio from your TV and even let you enjoy your CD collection.

Their size means that they’ll fit into any home and they also suit any budget. Take some time to read our guide on what you should remember when choosing the best budget micro HiFi system.

What to Look for When Buying a Micro hifi System?

  • Radio
  • Connectivity with USB and AUN Inputs
  • Bluetooth Connectivity


Your micro HiFi system should also allow you to play the radio. Older models will almost certainly allow for FM radio playback, but you should really be looking for devices that include a DAB+ tuner.

This will ensure you have a future-ready device that can be constantly updated to provide full access to the widest range of digital radio stations.


USB inputs and a 3.5mm auxiliary input are other basic features any good micro HiFi should offer.

A USB input will allow you to play your MP3 library with ease, while a 3.5mm input will allow you to connect things like headphones, as well as external devices like smart speakers.


The most advanced micro HiFi systems will also provide you with wireless and/or Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream your favorite media without having to manually operate your system.

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1. Panasonic SC-PMX92EB-K Micro Hi-Fi System

This Panasonic SC-PMX92EB-K Micro HiFi system will provide you with superior high-resolution sound. The DAC controller and USB driver combine to produce incredible sound quality that is big on rich detail and clarity.


  • Panasonic SC-PMX92EB-K Micro Hi-Fi System
  • CD player, FM and DAB+ Tuner
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • AUX-in connections

If you are finding your current system lacking in dynamic sound, this is an ideal upgrade. With this system, you can enjoy music and other audio at its very best, with cutting-edge LincsD-Amp technology on hand to ensure no jitter during playback.

If you are playing music via Bluetooth, this system will also compensate for the shortcomings usually experienced with more basic audio hardware.

The audio technology compensates for any loss of signal caused by data compression, which is a common problem when wirelessly streaming music.

This HiFi system is also easy to connect to your other audio devices and media hardware. You can wirelessly connect it with things like Google Chromecast, while conventional AUX-in connections are also provided.

This HiFi system can also be used as part of a home theatre system, instantly elevating the audio capabilities of your television.


  •  Provides you with dynamic sound with plenty of detail and richness
  • Wireless connection with a range of media device
  • Compensates for data compression when streaming audio wirelessly


  • Fairly expensive HiFi system
  • More affordable wireless HiFi systems from Panasonic are available

 2. Denon D-M41DAB Micro Hifi System

You can buy it with or without Denon’s own speakers. Without, the system is called RCD-M41DAB and can be found online for under £250 / $350 / AU$500.


Power: 30W/channel | Bluetooth: Yes | Radio: DAB, FM | CD player: Yes

The default all-in-one system choice under £250 for years, this Denon multi-award-winner is still at the top of its game.

The speakers are dubbed SC-M41, and they’re £100 a pair. Put the two together and you have the D-M41DAB – we’d happily recommend Denon’s speakers if you don’t have your own already.

The inclusion of Bluetooth (which can be turned on or off to avoid affecting the D-M41DAB’s overall performance) is cause for celebration, as is the superb sound quality.

In terms of performance, this system could hold its own against groups of separates at greater cost. The drop in sound quality from CD to Spotify stream has no effect on the D-M41DAB’s sonic mastery – it remains graceful, insightful, and expressive. A truly remarkable system for the money.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Price


  • Nothing at this price

3. KEF LS50 Wireless II Micro Hifi System

Power: 380W/channel | Bluetooth: Yes | Wi-fi: Yes | Inputs: Analogue, optical, ethernet | Hi-res audio: 24-bit/384kHz | Dimensions (H x W x D): 30.5 x 20 x 31.1cm

The follow-up to the outstanding KEF LS50 Wireless speakers improve on greatness – no easy feat, even for an audio brand as sure-footed as KEF.

Like their illustrious predecessors, the LS50 Wireless IIs serve as a superb all-in-one system by dint of their advanced connectivity.

Improvements including upgraded components and a new KEF Connect app where you can access the likes of Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon Music, and Deezer.

Not that you’ll need to reach for any of the aforementioned apps; these speakers are capable of streaming via AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast and Bluetooth, and are also Roon Ready.

KEF’s striking design is matched by stunning sonics, enhanced by refreshed Uni-Q drivers and KEF’s all-new MAT absorption technology.

The presentation is spacious and the addition of the new MAT technology can be heard in the refined treble and clean mids.

Quite simply, if you’re in the market for a high-fidelity all-in-one system packed with streaming smarts, this sophisticated sequel should be top of your list.


  • Big performance leap
  • Clean, punchy sound
  • All-encompassing connectivity


  • Nothing at this price

4. Pro-Ject Juke Box E

Here’s a record player based on Pro-Ject’s well-regarded Primary turntable that’s also tricked out with an Ortofon OM 5E cartridge, amplification, and Bluetooth receiver in one handy package. All you have to do is add speakers.


Power: 25W/channel | Bluetooth: Yes | Cartridge: Ortofon OM 5E | Outputs: RCA analog, speaker | Input: RCA | Remote control: Yes

And when you do, you’ll be rewarded with a sound that’s always enjoyable to listen to, whatever your musical preferences. The sound is spacious and easy-going, with plenty of top-end shine and mid-range detail.

Around the back of the deck, you’ll find the usual connections including stereo RCA outputs. There are also left/right speaker outputs and an aerial socket for the Bluetooth receiver.

For the money, this all-in-one vinyl system sounds great and offers a level of functionality that would cost much, much more to replicate with individual components. Impressive.


  • True just-add-speakers convenience
  • Capable, even-handed sound
  • Good range of features


  • Some will hanker after more power
  • Baffling remote control

5. Philips Audio M6805/10 Micro Music

This All-In-One micro HiFi from Philips is a versatile choice of the home audio system.


  • CD player, FM and DAB+ Tuner
  • 50 W Output Power
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • AUX-in connections
  • USB connections

This device can be used to play your CD collection, internet radio stations, and podcasts, or to stream audio using Spotify Connect from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

AUX-in and USB connections are also included so you can hook this system up to other hardware to use it as a conventional speaker.

This micro HiFi supports playback for FM and DAB+ internet radio, allowing you to enjoy the playback of broadcasts from across the world. The digital tuner also means you can enjoy the best audio clarity all the time.

You can choose between a variety of presets to ensure all types of audio are enjoyed at their best. Two integrated speakers provide you with superb audio playback, with good clarity and deep bass.


  • Powerful bass and crystal clear audio
  • FM and DAB+ radio playback
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • No touchscreen control


6. Philips BTB2515 Micro Hi-Fi System

The Philips BTB2515 is a quality choice of a sound system. This HiFi supports DAB+ radio playback, with 20 selectable presets included so you can skip quickly to your favorite stations to ensure you never miss a broadcast.


  • CD player, FM and DAB+ Tuner
  • 15 W Output Power
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • 20 selectable presets
  • AUX-in connections
  • USB connections

This powerful HiFi system also provides you with impressive audio playback, with the bass reflex speaker system ensuring deep bass output.

Compared to other compact audio systems, the bass credentials on offer here are very impressive. A responsive subwoofer is also included to create lower frequencies that are essential for adding depth to your audio.

This micro HiFi system also scores good marks when it comes to connectivity. You can play audio from a variety of audio sources, including compact discs and USB devices, while Bluetooth connectivity is also supported.

A 3.5-millimeter jack is also included so you connect other media hardware to these speakers easily.

USB Direct technology is another standard feature of this audio system, allowing you to transfer files quickly and easily.

This USB port can also be used as a power source for charging connected devices. If you are playing music from libraries on your smartphone or tablet, this USB fast charging functionality will come in handy.


  • Powerful audio output
  • Supports playback for a variety of media sources
  • Wired and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bass Reflex speaker system


  • If you want a bigger sound, you may want to invest in something more substantial
  • More affordable HiFi systems are available

7. Neon Electronic MCB1534D-05 Micro Hi-Fi System

This micro HiFi system from Neon Electric is an affordable option for those looking for enhanced audio playback.

  • CD player, FM and DAB+ Tuner
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • AUX-in connections

Neon Electronic MCB1534D-05 Micro Hi-Fi System

This Neon MCB 1534D micro HiFi has a very powerful amplifier section, along with two large speakers that provide you with impressive sound, every time.

This system also supports wireless streaming, with a reliable Bluetooth range of 10 meters. This should be more than enough for streaming music files from your smartphones from across a room, with no need to worry about signals dropping off in the middle of a track.

This HiFi includes a full FM digital radio tuner, along with memory presets so you can skip directly to your favorite stations. It also supports CD and MP3 CD playback, meaning you can enjoy your full audio library.

A large LCD display and user-friendly touch controls allow you to make quick selections from your existing libraries of external USB storage devices.

The relatively low price tag of this HiFi system also makes it an affordable option, with comparable features to more expensive alternatives.


  • Powerful audio output
  • Bluetooth connectivity with a reliable range
  • User-friendly controls and large LCD display
  • Very affordable HiFi option


  • Some consumers may wish to go with a more reputable brand
  • Will not satisfy the demanding requirements of audiophiles

8. Marantz PM7000N

Marantz’s PM7000N may look like one of the company’s stand-alone integrated amplifiers but it’s packed with streaming features to make it an ideal just-add-speakers system.


Power: 60W/channel | Bluetooth: Yes | Wi-fi: Yes | Inputs: Analogue, optical, ethernet | Hi-res audio: 24-bit/192kHz/DSD 5.6

Inside the traditional-looking case lies 60W per channel of amplification, a DAC, network module, Bluetooth, HEOS multi-room support, and AirPlay 2 for one-touch streaming from Apple devices.

It’s also capable of streaming hi-res 24bit/192kHz audio. Quite the box of tricks.

Once up and running it delivers a spacious and insightful sound that keeps us listening well into the evening.

Powerful, expansive, and weighty, the PM7000N has the quality and dynamic ability to ensure that every note – at both ends of the spectrum – shines.

Teaming old-school amplification with a digital streaming experience might not be ground-breaking anymore, but Marantz has done it better than most. Easy to use, great to listen to – a sure winner in its class.


  • A spacious and insightful presentation
  • Clarity
  • Features


  • Some controls feel plasticky

9. Naim Mu-so 2

The Mu-so 2 combines amplifier, streamer, and speakers in one stylish, sophisticated package.


Dimensions: HxWxD (cm): 12.2 x 62.8 x 26.4 | Power: 450W | Features: Bluetooth V4.0, multi-room, wi-fi, UPnP, Spotify, AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Tidal | Connections: 3.5mm stereo, optical, Ethernet, HDMI ARC

best budget micro hifi system

AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Bluetooth allow you to treat the Naim as a wireless speaker, while built-in services like Tidal and Spotify and support for high-res audio formats give it a serious arsenal of streaming skills.

But it’s not all about streaming – the presence of an HDMI ARC input allows you to wire up a TV and boost its sound at the same time.

Don’t be put off by the price tag, though – this is a sensational system. It looks like a premium wireless speaker and it performs like one too with a confident, solid sound.

Bass is generous and of high quality. The sound is packed full of detail and delivered with an immense rhythmic drive.

If you want a do-it-all premium solution with an equal dose of convenience and quality, the Mu-so 2 could be the solution.


  • Impressive detail and dynamics
  • Solid, quality bass
  • Plenty of streaming features


  • That price

10. SHARP XL-B510(BK) 40W Micro Hi-Fi System

If you are looking for a micro HiFi system that has it all, the Sharp XL-B51 is something to think about.


  • CD player, FM Tuner
  • 40 W Output Power
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • USB connections

best budget micro hifi system

This compact HiFi system includes two powerful speakers that deliver audio with plenty of dynamic character and detail. This stereo system also supports playback from a wide range of media formats.

A CD player is included so you can still enjoy your compact disc library, while a USB input is also included so you can play files directly from external storage devices.

Bluetooth connectivity is also supported, allowing you to stream music directly from your tablet or smartphone.

This micro HiFi system is also very user-friendly. If you are listening to CDs, radio stations, or files located on a USB drive, the remote control allows you to kick back and enjoy your media with the option to make sound adjustments from across a room.


  • Powerful stereo playback
  • Compatible with a wide range of media files
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • Includes remote control


  • Does not include DAB+ tuner technology
  • Lacking additional features and functions

What is the Best Audio Quality for a Micro HiFi?

Although there is some variation between individual micro HiFi systems, you should normally expect between 10 and 30 watts of power from micro HiFi speakers.

This should provide you with fairly rich detail and audio clarity, along with sufficient bass.

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