Bagel Smart Tape Measurement Accurate Review 2021 Update

Bagel Smart Tape Measurement Accurate Review 2021 Update.

The most important aspect of measuring is the accuracy of the measurements themselves and then recording the measurements. Now, if measurements are so important, why have been there so little innovations with it?

Now, what is new here?

Bagel smart tap measurement! It measures digitally and allows you to organize and analyse your measurements along the way. As the world’s smartest tape measure, you’ll only need to measure once!

Let’s find out more about this superb device, (Bagel Smart Tape Measurement) with our review of this product, which aims to help people get updated with what’s the best device for you

Bagel Smart Tape Measurement

You can throw out all your measuring tapes because the bagel smart tape measurement is about to change everything you know about tape measurements

This amazing device uses three-mode which are string, wheel, and remote to measure everything from  the length of your desk to the width of your neck to the inside of your curved chair and he distance to the ceiling

The string mode measures up to 10 feet. The wheel mode, up to 33 feet, and ultrasonic up to 16 feet 4 inches. That’s not enough.

What if you have a dusty surface, how will that affect “wheel mode?” Where does the wheel mode start and stop – are there precise ways to do this?

I think that this is a great-looking tape measure. And it seems to be highly functional too. But it seems too impractical for daily users.

Bagel’s Measurement Options

There are measurement options that you must have at the back of your mind. I implore you to read on to learn more.

String Mode

Bagel string mode is used to measure length like you would with a traditional tape measure. Its flexible yet strong string allows you to easily measure curved objects and surfaces, various body types, and- needless to say- flat surfaces. Bagel’s string mode can measure up to about 10 feet (3 meters).

Wheel Mode

Wheel mode is great when you don’t have both hands available to measure length or distance. Just switch to Bagel’s wheel mode and roll its wheel. Wheel mode is perfect for measuring distance on curved surfaces and can measure up to about 33 feet (10 meters).

Remote Mode

Bagel’s remote mode is used for distances you cannot reach Simply point the ultrasonic sensor at objects, walls, or ceilings and Bagel will tell you how far away they are. You can measure up to 16 feet 4 inches (5 meters) in remote mode.

Bagel Smart Tape Measurement


Additional Features

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: We wouldn’t call Bagel smart if that was all. You can connect Bagel to your smartphone via Bluetooth and transfer all of your measurements to Bagel’s mobile app.
  • Mobile App: take advantage of the app’s ability to export your data as CSV to use on your computer.
  • Internal memory: You don’t have to connect Bagel to your smartphone every time you want to take a look at past measurements. Bagel has an internal memory that can save up to 100 measurements and voice memos
  • Battery: Bagel is built with a lithium polymer battery that lasts up to 24 hours and averages 8 hours with constant use.
  • Accuracy: The error for all three modes should be within 0.5% under room temperature conditions. We are working hard on our firmware to lower the error margin and will provide all updates on any accuracy improvements.

Bagel Smart Tape Measurement

This will never replace a contractor’s tape measure – it simply won’t but if you are looking for efficiency and effectiveness then I would strongly recommend that you go for bagel smart tape measurement.

Data Saving and Voice Memos

One of the best features of the Bagel Tape Measure is its ability to store data and voice memos. So when measuring, you can simply click the center button to save it.

You can also record a voice memo to describe what you measured. It has internal memory and can save up to 100 measurements and voice memos. This also allows you to use the device even without your phone.

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