Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 True Wireless Earbuds 2020 Detailed Review

Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 True Wireless Earbuds 2020 Detailed Review.

Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 True Wireless Earbuds: This is an upgrade of their original Spirit X, which was designed to be an alternative to Apple’s Powerbeats Pro. You’ll find a similar profile, along with most of the same features. However, the Spirit X2 also features a flexible ear hook, which provides a significantly more comfortable fit than the Powerbeats Pro. 

Anker Soundcore Spirit X2


But simply being designed like an Apple product doesn’t mean the Spirit X2 is necessarily going to perform like one. So we put a pair of these buds through their paces to see how they perform.

It should be obvious at this point that the Spirit X2 is a set of earbuds, not over the ear earphones. They’re very high-quality earbuds, but at the end of the day, they’re still not going to provide quite as much immersion as a complete set of earphones. 

Design Overview 

To begin with, we’ll be looking at the look and feel of these earbuds, since it’s the first thing you’ll notice when you take them out of the box. They’re designed with an ear hook form factor, which means that a hook extends around the top and back of your ear instead of simply resting in your ear canal. This makes them heavier than a smaller pair of earbuds, but it also gives them more space for a larger battery. 

Both the ear hooks and the ear tips are replaceable and flexible. In the box, you’ll find three extra pairs of each, in three different sizes. This means you can mix and match them as you desire, so your fit will be truly customized to your ears and needs.

The flexibility is also helpful since even if the hook is the right size, a rigid hook can dig into your skin. Not all ears are shaped the same, but the Spirit X2 fits well on most. What’s more, the flexible hooks are very secure, so your earbuds will stay on your head even during intense workouts. 

Portability and Extra Features 

The Soundcore Spirit X2 charges via USB-C, which is the latest, fastest version of USB cable. This allows for exceptionally fast charging, although ultimately your charge is only going to be as fast as your drive. So if you plug it into a slow, 1-amp USB-A port on your PC, it’s going to charge significantly slower. Anker includes a USB-C cable in the kit, so you’ll have everything you need. 

When connected to a USB Type-C port, though, you can get some really impressive charge times. The X2 supports a quick-charge mode, which provides you with 90 minutes of battery life in only 10 minutes. This is a great feature when you unexpectedly run out of juice and need to get through your workout. 

Connection and Compatibility

Connection and Compatibility 

The Soundcore Spirit X2 connects via Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest version of the protocol. This allows for a clean, quick connection, and guarantees that you’ll get the best sound quality that your device is capable of transmitting. If you happen to be connecting to an older device, no problem. The X2 is also compatible with older versions of the Bluetooth protocol.

The controls are elegant and easy to use. On the right earbud, you’ll find a simple set of up and down buttons. These buttons are used to control the volume when you tap them. When you hold them down, they’ll skip forward or backward while listening to music, or skip through contacts while you’re using your phone. 

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Sound Quality 

We’ve talked a lot about battery life and physical construction, but what about sound quality? After all, the whole reason you’re buying a quality pair of earbuds is to enjoy the excellent sound. So, how does the Soundcore Spirit X2 compare to the competition? 

To begin with, you’re going to get top-tier mids and highs. The highs are clear and consistent, with shimmering cymbals and high-end synths that can really add excitement to club music. The mids have plenty of space, and don’t get muddied by the bass or obscured by the highs.

You’ll get pitch-perfect vocals, perfect for rap, hip-hop, or any music that’s primarily lyrical. This is also fantastic for classical music, which relies heavily on brass and strings. 

Final Verdict 

Final Verdict 

So, what did we think of the Soundcore X2? We think it’s a quality earbud and a worthy addition to Anker’s line. With 36 hours of total battery life, you can listen for a day and a half straight – or, more realistically, for a month’s worth of workouts. And the Bluetooth 5 connectivity and the 12mm bio-cellulose driver provide some of the best sound quality on the market. 

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