3 Best Bluetooth Beanies with Built-In Headphones 2020 Detailed Review

3 Best Bluetooth Beanies with Built-In Headphones 2020 Detailed Review.

3 Best Bluetooth Beanies with Built-In Headphones 2020: Listening to music is an essential part of most everyone’s daily lives, but having the ability to privately listen to your own tunes isn’t always an easy task 


For those looking for the 3 Best Bluetooth Beanies selecting a Bluetooth Beanie/Hat with an integrated set of earphones and microphone is a great approach.

Not only do they provide a seamless listening experience, but those around you likely won’t even know that you’re enjoying your music since the built-in speakers are typically never visible. In addition to this, a beanie keeps you warm and cozy – all with a great amount of style. 

Qshell Bluetooth Beanie

Qshell Bluetooth Beanie 

Made specifically for hands-free calling and wireless musical entertainment, the Qshell Bluetooth Beanie provides a super-warm, ultra-soft, plush, double-knit material that’s designed to keep you cozy but fully-immersed in your tunes at the same time.

As a perfect solution for virtually any outdoor activity or on-the-go adventure, it’s very easy to use since it boasts such a simple and effective design. Made out of a 100% soft acrylic material, it has lasting comfort with the added bonus of a fully wireless set of earphones built-in. 

Bluetooth Connection 

Utilizing the latest Bluetooth version 4.1, it’s designed for simple and effective pairing to virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device. This includes both iOS and Android-powered smartphones and tablets. To configure pairing for the very first time, simply turn on the beanie’s earphones by pressing and holding the play button on the tag.

Next, open up your device’s Bluetooth settings and you should see it displayed on a list of available connections. Once you’ve selected it, it’ll automatically pair and be ready to go each time in the future that you turn it on. 


Wireless freedom simply can’t be achieved unless there’s a battery to keep things operational. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can expect around six hours of continuous play or talk time, depending on the volume you’re listening at and the distance you are from the source device. 

Highever Fashionable Bluetooth Beanie 

Highever Fashionable Bluetooth Beanie 

With an affordable price-point and a few extra bonuses included, the Highever Fashionable Bluetooth Beanie provides an exceptional amount of value although it doesn’t have quite as lengthy of battery-duration as the Qshell.

Designed specifically for reliability, there seems to have been a lot of thought put into the way it was made in order to provide a comfy, superb listening experience no matter where you may be. 

Bluetooth Connection 

With the same pairing process as the Qshell, all you need to do is power-up the integrated earphones, enable Bluetooth on your device, and select it from a list of available connections.

After the initial pairing process, you won’t have to re-do these steps again. Although it utilizes the older Bluetooth version 3.0, it still provides the same working distance of roughly 33 feet or 10 meters. 


Inside is a 3.7 volt, 180 mAh battery that provides for around three hours of battery life whether you’re listening to music or talking on the phone.

Although the capacity of this battery is quite lacking and not really all that impressive, they’ve included a portable power bank to make sure you have a portable way to power it if needed. 

Soundbot SB210 Bluetooth Beanie 

Soundbot SB210 Bluetooth Beanie 

Last but not least, we’re including the Soundbot SB210 Bluetooth Beanie as another fantastic choice for those looking for great quality, durability, and exceptional sound quality. Priced less than both the Qshell and Highever, it’s been designed to last with extra detail put into areas that matter the most. 


With the same pairing process as the other two options, we’ve already discussed, the integrated Bluetooth gives you 10 meters of 33 feet of wireless range between your music source device and the beanie. 


Since the Soundbot SB210 is fully water-resistant, you won’t have to hesitate when it comes to durability. It’ll hold up well in the rain and snow and work equally well indoors in virtually any environment. Additionally, the earphones are shock-resistant and rugged to withstand virtually anything that you throw at it.

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