How to Create Real Debrid Free Account | Latest Crack Guide

How to Create Real Debrid Free Account | Latest Crack Guide.

Create Real Debrid Free Account – The latest crack guide on how to Create Real Debrid Free Account will be shown in this article.

Create Real Debrid Free Account

Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that allows you to quickly download files hosted on the Internet or instantly stream them into an innovative web player

Real Debrid is a subscription service that provides its users access to additional file hosters. Subscriptions start at 4€ ($4.64) per month, and while there is a free version available, it only works between 6am and noon.

When a Kodi user selects something to watch, Real Debrid provides additional links from its 56 supported hosts.

As these links are less commonly used than the default ones scraped by most third-party addons, they’re likely to load with less buffering and may even offer HD versions of the selected title.

However, of the 56 hosts, fewer than five provide only legitimate content, and some of these, like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, already have official Kodi addons available.

Other hosts include the notorious Mega platform, the successor to Megaupload, a service which was shut down for copyright infringement by the US Department of Justice.

Real Debrid is a paid service that gives you premium access to a large number of popular file hosts on the internet.

Your fee goes to maintaining and paying for those servers, so your download speeds are not limited and uploads are not capped to save space.

Debrid is a PREMIUM option that eliminates the issues that free file hosts have and makes addons  buffer free and high quality.

Problems with Real Debrid

There are two big problems with Real Debrid. First, it offers minimal benefits to Kodi users who use official sources, but rewards those looking for copyrighted material.

Second, it costs money. This pushes Real Debrid’s customers into a legal grey area, and while Real Debrid claims it does not link to copyright infringing files, it offers many alternative sources for blockbuster movies.

This is a complete contradiction that Kodi users should be aware of if they’re considering paying for Real Debrid.

Simply, the monthly fees could be better spent on a subscription to one of the many high-quality streaming platforms available. Netflix, for example, costs only a few dollars more each month and is entirely legitimate.

Real Debrid Cost

The monthly cost for Real Debrid on Kodi is insanely cheap:

  • 4 euros ($4.31USD) for 30 days
  • 9 euros ($9.69USD) for 90 days
  • 16 euros ($17.23) for 180 days

The risk to try the service is very low! It has been a favourite for Kodi users for over 5 years.

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In addition, when you buy a premium package you earn fidelity points, which can be put towards free premium time for Real Debrid on Kodi.

If you are interested in trying Real Debrid, simply click here and sign up for an account!

Is there a Real Debrid Free Option?

You might be thinking “Real Debrid sounds great but I want to try it for free before I make a purchase.

Real Debrid used to run one hour per day where free accounts could enjoy the service. This used to be at non-peak hours so that premium users were not effected.

As of 2019, we cannot see this option on the website any longer. It appears that this has been dropped due to good reputation and number of users who have used the system.

Trust us, the Real Debrid account is well worth it. You can try it out for only a few dollars for a short trial and see for yourself!

Real Debrid Promo Code

There is no official Real Debrid coupon code or offer. The service is only a few dollars to try out, so the price point doesn’t need a promo code!

There are some verified Real Debrid resellers which sell premium time on the service for a fee. These resellers buy premium time for Real Debrid and may choose to pass on a discount to you.

Always read the fine print before going after a Real Debrid promo code or deal to make sure it is legit.

How to Sign Up For A Real Debrid Kodi Account

First, head to the Real Debrid website and sign up for a free account. You will have to pick a username and password and confirm your account via email. Standard stuff.

Once you have a Real Debrid account and you sign in, you will see that your account banner shows FREE.


On the top banner, click on “Premium”

Scroll down and you will see your buying options. Select the package you want to try, and click “Subscribe”.

Choose your payment method and follow the instructions to pay for your premium account. After your account is processed and you show as a premium user, you can setup Real Debrid on Kodi!

How to Setup Real Debrid in Kodi

The instructions below are for both URLResolver and ResolveURL.

  • From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM (gear icon) > SYSTEM
  • Under the Add-ons tab, click on Manage Dependencies
  • Click on URLResolver > Configure.
  • In the URLResolver Configure window, select the Universal Resolvers tab.
  • Scroll down to Real Debrid and toggle on the Enabled and Torrent Support boxes. Also, change the Priority to 90 to ensure that your real debrid links will appear first.
  • Click on Authorize my Account to run the Real Debrid Device pairing process.
  • When you are done, click OK to save settings and return to the main menu.
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Addons that contain Real Debrid links will now automatically route them through your premium account!

Real Debrid Device Pairing

During the configuration above, you’ll be asked to perform the Real Debrid device pairing procedure.

In the addon, you’ll be asked to authorize your Real Debrid account. You’ll have to go to the Real Debrid device page and enter in a specific code.

After your account is synced, you’ll be able to access all of Real Debrid’s features.

You are now setup for Real Debrid Kodi content! You should noticed that the Real Debrid source shows up first whenever you go into a movie or TV show.

What are Real Debrid Fidelity Points?

Every time you buy premium Real Debrid time or refer users to the service, you get Real Debrid Fidelity Points.

In your “My Account” section, there is an option to convert 1000 Fidelity points into another 30 days of free premium time.

As you become a loyal and long term Real Debrid customer, this is free premium time that you don’t have to pay for!

Real Debrid Not Working

If you think that Real Debrid is not working for you, the number one thing we would suggest you try is re-authorizing in the URLResolver and ResolveURL settings.

This will ensure that your Kodi setup is synced back to your Real Debrid account on the web.

The second thing to try is to check your account and make sure that you are still a premium user. We’ve had tons of people online tell us the service is down, only to discover that their premium account has lapsed.

That’s all for now, enjoy your account.

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