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Major Problems of Gionee M6 Android and How to Fix Them

Major Problems of Gionee M6 Android and How to Fix Them.

Major Problems of Gionee M6 Android… This is a comprehensive guide on major challenges and problems Gionee M6 users face and how they can resolve them. Learn more on this page as proper solution will be provided by our expert…

Major Problems of Gionee M6 Android

Major Problems of Gionee M6 Android

China-based Gionee was established in 2002. Besides India, the brand also has presence in countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand and the Middle East. Gionee is a Chinese company with a strong offline retail presence in India, eschewing the trend of going online-only. The company has launched several Android smartphones in the low- and mid-end segments.

If you look at the last year versions they have not been a huge success here in India. The primary reason was the pricing which consumers felt like Gionee is cheating them. Now its 2016 and we have the refreshed version. However nothing impressive or ground breaking as they are just trying to keep up with other devices. So now lets talk about the Gionee M6 issues, problems and cons that most consumers want to know before purchasing.

Gionee M6 Problems, Issues and Cons.

Below are the lists of Gionee M6 Problems and Issues which can be also considered as disadvantages, cons, bugs, drawbacks, demerits and downsides:

  1. First downside is that many smartphones which are at this price tag can record 4K resolution videos. This one simple can’t as it can only record up to 1080p resolution.
  2. Why on earth they are not providing the stock Android user interface if they can’t even make a good UI. The Amigo 3.5 is no good at all and its a drawback.
  3. It is heavily loaded with bloatwares (unnecessary apps) which need to root the device if you wanna uninstall them all. But doing that will remove the warranty terms from the manufacturer.
  4. No optical image stabilization for the camera to control hand shakiness while recording videos. Recording videos while moving is not a goo idea with this device. However there is no any issues while capturing the still images as users hands remains still all the time.
  5. There is no LED flash with the front camera for taking selfies in low light conditions. If you aren’t a selfie addict then this might not be a cons for you.
  6. And finally the Gionee M6 does not have NFC, but who needs it. Well there are people who uses like a pro for wireless payment services.
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Additional FAQ

Does the display have Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection?

(Yes, the display is protected with Gorilla Glass 3).

Can both the SIM card slot supports 4G LTE networks?

(Yes, both the SIM card slot works with 4G LTE networks but only one at a time).

Does it have fast battery charging technology or Quick Charge?

(Yes it have a fast battery charging technology).

Are there any network reception or signal issues or problems related to call quality?

(No, on both the sides there is no any signal or network problems with either for making calls or internet connection).

Is there any hanging or lagging problems with the Gionee M6?

(No, there is no any lags or hangs as the 4GB RAM and 1.8 GHz chipset takes care of it).

Does it support VoLTE?

(Yes, VoLTE is supported).

Does the battery drain or have draining related issues?

(Its a 5000 mAh battery smartphone, so users won’t even fell that its draining as it will lasts more than 2 days under normal usage).

Does the Gionee M6 support NFC?

(No there is no NFC and that’s a cons).

What about the heating issues of Gionee M6?

(Like many other smartphones it does heat a bit but that is very normal. There is no any insane over heating problems even when extreme games are played with it).

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