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7 Future Technology Predictions that will Change the World

7 Future Technology Predictions that will Change the World

7 Future Technology Predictions that will Change the World and Shape Humanity in its Entirety

The world is full of possibilities. Get started with ideas that have the potential to change the world we live in. We are literally living in the hot pursuit of human intelligence with technology as we have never witnessed before.

7 Future Technology Predictions

Though, predicting the future is difficult. You should not only imagine what problems we will try to solve; you have to imagine what products not yet invented will help solve them.

Welcome to the future! We are presenting a speculative time line of future history!

People reincarnation through AI

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It’s scary, I know! And probably most religious people will be very against, however, we are convinced to believe that in 2050, we will be able to “bring back” our loved ones through artificial intelligence. Nanobots will be sent into people’s brains to extract memories from their loved ones. Increase this with a DNA sample of the deceased, and it will be possible to create a convincing virtual version of someone who has died.

Self-driving cars will make driving safer

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This area of ​​AI could dramatically reduce death and injury on our roads. According to the Stanford University report, not only will the self-propelled cars reduce traffic deaths and injuries, but can also bring about changes in our lifestyle. We’ll have more time for ourselves. Also, increased comfort and reduced cognitive loads with self-propelled cars and shared transport can affect where people want to live.

Ocean Thermal Energy can take us to 100% renewable-energy

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Ocean’s thermal energy is largely an unused resource, and one of the world’s largest renewable energy sources. For example, at this time, Bluerise is working to generate electricity through generating electricity through energy conversion using Ocean’s thermal energy. It will be able to outperform production based on fossil fuels and other renewable sources that require storage and grid balancing. This will play a key role in the future energy mix of one of the few constant energy sources, available day and night, throughout the year.

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Charge your iphone with the power of a plant

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Did you know that you can charge your iPhone with the power of a plant? Now it is becoming possible, for example, Bioo is a clean-tech company capable of generating electricity from plant’s photosynthesis.

IoT Technology Will Change the Designs of the Products

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According to Forbes, by 2020, IoT technology will be in 95% of electronics for new product designs. And by 2050 it is expected to have everything connected to the cloud and to the internet.

AI will become a positive net job motivator

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Many people worry about AI in our lives because they think that robots will eventually replace people and we will not have a job. But. According to Forbes, in 2020, AI will become a positive net motivator for jobs, creating 2.3 million jobs, while eliminating only 1.8 million jobs. We are talking about 2020, only for two years, so we will see what will bring us to 30 years.

Nanobots will connect our brains directly to the cloud

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Future Technology: nanobots. He believes that in the future, nanobot will connect our brain straight to the cloud, which will give us full immersion virtual reality within the nervous system. Just as we know with our smart phones, we can do it with our brains; we will be able to expand our cloud neocortex. And forget about memory problems, evidence problems, etc.

7 Future Technology Predictions

It’s always our excitement, hearing from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please use the comment box below.

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