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How to Download Facebook Messenger App for Android and iOS Devices Free

How to Download Facebook Messenger App for Android and iOS Devices Free | The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started on Facebook Messenger.

How to Download Facebook Messenger App for Android and iOS Devices Free

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service created by Facebook. However, unlike most text messaging apps, Messenger can do a whole lot of things than just send texts. You don’t have to be on Facebook’s website or even have a Facebook account, to use Messenger.

Still, as Facebook Messenger involves fairly complex notion, it is hard for the beginner looking for an introduction to find a clear and complete guide.

Here in this article, we’ve made our complete Facebook Messenger Guide, to help you navigate and get the most out of Messenger and also to walk you through every feature, step by step. Including how to download and get started!

How to Get Started on Facebook Messenger

Getting started on Facebook Messenger, you’ll need to;

  • First, download Facebook Messenger to your device.
  • Sign in to Facebook Messenger and begin the ride

How to Download Facebook Messenger App for Android and iOS Devices Free

The Facebook Messenger application is free to download, but mobile operator charges may apply if you use a mobile data connection. Facebook Messenger supports all Android phones and tablets as long as they meet the minimum requirements. Facebook Messenger for Android is available in Google Play, App Store for iOS devices.

What Are The Main Functions?

  • Instant messaging
  • Photo/video sharing
  • Group chats – users can chat with their Facebook friends and phone book contacts
  • Ability to record voice messages
  • Live video chat // video calling

Facebook Messenger Features

  1. Voice and Video Calls: Messenger isn’t just for sending texts; you can make voice and video calls for free over the internet. To call someone who has the Messenger app installed on their phone, tap the video or phone icon in the top right of the message window next to their name. There’s also a dedicated “Calls” section of the app.
  2. Make Group Audio Calls: Tap the phone icon at the top right of a group conversation to call everyone at once (up to 50 people).
  3. Customize the look of a conversation: You can customize the look of a conversation by changing the group name, participants’ nicknames, and the chat colors. Tap on the name of a group or contact name to get started.
  4. Assign a dedicated emoji for a Conversation: You can also assign a dedicated emoji for a conversation that sits only one tap away. Tap on the name of a group or contact name to assign one.
  5. Mute the conversation: Are your friends being too chatty? Mute the conversation. If you’d rather not be annoyed by notifications from a spammy message thread, you can mute the conversation without leaving it. Just tap the name of the person or group you’re messaging at the top of the screen and then tap “Notifications.” You’ll be able to mute the thread for a certain amount of time or indefinitely.
  6. Send Or Request Money: You can send or request money in Messenger by linking your bank account. Facebook lets you transfer money from your bank account to anyone on Messenger. It’s easy to set up:
  • Tap the little $ button at the bottom of a conversation.
  • Enter the amount you want to send or receive.
  • Add your Visa or MasterCard debit card.
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Each transaction can take up to a few business days to send depending on your bank, but Facebook doesn’t charge any fee for providing the service.

  1. Share Your Phone’s Location With Friends: Messenger lets you share your phone’s location with friends. When you’re in a conversation, tap the three-dots button in the bottom right corner and then tap “Location.” You can choose to share your current location or a pin somewhere else on a map.
  2. Chat with bots: If you’ve had enough of human interaction, never fear: Messenger’s army of bots will keep you company. They’ll send you news, help you place orders, play games, and more. Tap Discover in the bottom right corner, and start a conversation with the bot that strikes your fancy.
  3. Send Bigger Likes: This is one of those random things that you aren’t sure you need but sometimes it’s cool to know anyway <grin>. To send bigger thumbs up inside of the messenger chat, tap and hold the blue thumbs up button until it grows in size. There are sound effects too so make sure your sound is on!
  4. Order up an Uber ride: You can even order up an Uber ride using Facebook messenger from within a conversation thread. The best part…you don’t even have to open up the Uber app! Simply login to your Uber account OR set one up using the transportation link in messenger’s settings.
  5. Send Videos to Friends: You can send videos to your Facebook friends using the camera icon. If you tap and hold the button, it will allow you to record a video. You can also send a previously recorded video by using the image icon to search and find the video you want to share inside your photo gallery.
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Which features would you love to see released on Messenger? Which new functions would make the app even more interesting? Let us know in the comments!

It’s always our excitement, hearing from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please use the comment box below.

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