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All the Best Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone That You Couldn’t Do Before

All the Best Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone That You Couldn’t Do Before.

All the Best Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone That You Couldn’t Do Before

All the Best Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone That You Couldn’t Do Before.

Smartphones are more advanced now than before. This trend has replaced so many devices in our lives that there seems to be no limit to it. They are packed with tons of features, such as front and rear cameras, heart rate monitors, fingerprint screen lock and access to a large number of applications.

With each new generation of smartphones capable of doing more than the previous one and the technology behind them moving at the speed of light, it is hard to imagine that we have ever used them to make phone calls.

Even if you’re a smart tech user, you probably do not know all the tips in the book to get the most out of your device. We have compiled this comprehensive guide to the most useful tips for solving common problems. There are many tips to help you use your device in new ways. This complete list will change your relationship with your smartphone.

Measure your heart rate

 Instant Heart Rate is an application that uses your phone’s camera and flash to read your pulse. Simply place your index finger on the camera and the application will automatically measure your heart rate by detecting color changes.

Control your vehicle from anywhere

It’s not great to heat or cool your car before arriving at the car park? Know that Viper SmartStart. It’s as if your phone has become a remote control for your vehicle.

See in the dark

Thermal vision is not something we are born with, but now it can be used to see it in the dark. All you need is a camera attachment, such as the Seek Thermal. This high resolution thermal camera is connected to your smartphone through the Apple beam or micro USB port for Android. Currently there are two different models, compact and compact XR.

The compact models cost around $ 250 and include a thermal sensor of 206 x 156. This model is also water resistant and can detect temperatures between -40 degrees and 626 degrees Celsius in the range of up to 1000 feet.

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For $ 300, the Compact XR comes with a larger field of view, as well as a range of up to 1,800 feet. You will find these products on the Seek Thermala website and on Amazon. The search for thermal cameras is also presented as an application to display thermal signatures detected on your phone’s screen. Use this equipment to detect and monitor wildlife, detect air leaks, monitor your home, find loose electrical cables, etc.

Scan documents

Forget the batch combinations of scanners / fax machines in the late 1990s. These days, most smartphones have powerful cameras that allow you much more than taking some photos. Applications such as CamScanner for iOS and Android allow you to touch almost everything you can record in PDF. With this feature you can keep digital copies of business cards, invoices or other important documents. You can even share documents by email directly from your phone or you can send documents to a fixed fax.

Track your kids

Giving Parents Everywhere A Little Extra Peace is a GPS tracking application like Family Locator Life360 for iOS and Android. This application allows family members to stay in touch and let each other know when they are arriving at the destination. Users can see friends and family locations on a private map, talk one at a time, and even track a lost or stolen phone.

Identify things

Have you ever seen anything and been totally confused about what it is or what it does? The name has been on the tip of your tongue, driving you crazy because you do not remember what it’s called? Embrace this frustrating fight goodbye with Google Goggles for Android. Just take a picture of a product, a painting, a bar code, a famous landmark or a popular image. If Google can associate your image with something in your database, it will provide you with useful information. You can even use it to translate by taking a picture of a text in a foreign language.

Test your remote control batteries

If you are not very eager to rush to the nearest supermarket to make sure the batteries on the remote are actually dead, this tip will definitely save you time. Pull out your smartphone and start the camera application. Then take the remote control, point it on the camera and press any key. If you see the red or pink light coming from the top of the remote when you look at it from the phone screen, this means that the infrared signal is working properly, and the problem is in this case the battery.

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Control your phone without touching it

The ability to use a phone without touching it makes this gesture control app irreplaceable in many situations. You can play music and video players or answer calls with a wave of your hand without worrying about disturbing the screen during cooking or cleaning. Keeping your screen nice and tidy has never been easier! There are versions of Android and iOS.

Keep yourself safe

If you often come home late at night and feel unsafe on the streets, this app can help calm your nerves and face any potential danger. Not only will it send an emergency message to your emergency contacts, it will also record video and audio, track your GPS location and set a timer that will automatically send an alarm to your friends if you do not turn it off on time. It can even save you from a bad date with a fake call option.

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